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Thomas W. Jan 10, 2018 255 views

How could a producer get his/her track out there and bought by a record label/singer/rapper

I am currently a freshman in high school and I have had an interest in music for a while and I will consider a music producer as a future career. #music-production #music #music-production #music-business...


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Sabrina J. Apr 18, 2018 215 views

Will I be able to take out enough student loans?

I understand that scholarships and grants will not cover my entire cost to go to college, but will I be able to take out enough loans to cover the rest of the cost? Or will they give me a limit? #loans...


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Avyanna S. Apr 19, 2019 1990 views

Can I major in accountancy and go to med school?

I chose accountancy because it's indemand but i know time will come, sooner or later my heart will find it's way to medicine because I really want to be a surgeon. Help me what to do if I graduate in bs accountancy and decided to go to med school after . Thank you for ur answer #premed #doctor...

#medicine #healthcare #medschool #accountancy #help

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artavous A. May 31, 2019 149 views

What happens in a typical day of work for this profession?

What do you do on a daily basis?...