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Will I be able to take out enough student loans?

I understand that scholarships and grants will not cover my entire cost to go to college, but will I be able to take out enough loans to cover the rest of the cost? Or will they give me a limit? #loans #scholarships

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2 answers

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Ronald’s Answer

Here's some additional information on federal grants that you can apply for that you may find helpful. Good luck!


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Jake’s Answer

You can definitely take out student loans based on your financial need. Just be careful taking out too much/unnecessary loans. You'll be paying them back for many years after graduation. I know many people that took out loans to pay for unrelated educational expenses and after graduating college they were not able to get the job they wanted and had a difficult job paying back the loans.

Jake recommends the following next steps:

Try to obtain as many scholarships/grants as possible before asking for a loan.