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Based on the career research you did, what would you ask someone about their job?

Are you happy with your job and is it fun? #career

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5 answers

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Jim’s Answer

This is what's important to me:

*Do you find satisfaction in the work you do? What is the most satisfying part?
*Do you find it stressful? How much and what about the work or job is stressful?
*How is the work/life balance?
*Are you treated with respect?
*Do you feel you are a valued part of the work being done?
*Are their opportunities to advance your position and your career?
*What are the specific benefits? What is the cost and coverage of insurance? How does paid time off work? Is there 401k, investment options? Are there perks?
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Neha’s Answer

I would ask -

1) How is the work life balance at their job
2) How does their career progression look in their current job
3) What are the main challenges and rewards
4) Employee benefits
5) Remote work flexibility
6) How is the work culture - as in how do they value their employees ? Does the company have an employee first attitude ?
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Melissa’s Answer

Great Question! There are several websites online where you can search details about different jobs including what to expect with salary but I would ask these:
1. What is stressful about your job?
2. Is this job one you want to retire from?
3. What do you love about your job? Is it rewarding?
4. What is your biggest passion and does it align with that you do?
5. What are the coolest benefits that you have from your job?
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Sindhu’s Answer

Hi Wayland,

If you are conducting an informational interview (not a job interview but an interview to gather information on a role), I would use questions like these. All these questions are to get to the answers you are looking for - happiness, the fun factor, and also whether the job and the field is a good fit based on your background and interests.

1) How did you become interested in this field?
2) What are your main responsibilities, rewards and challenges?
3) What does a typical day in your life look like?
4) Describe the career paths your field and what are common entry level jobs.
5) What steps would you recommend to enter this field? What advice would you give me as someone considering this job/field?
6) Can you recommend others I should talk to for additional information?

This is not a comprehensive list and depending on the person, job, and field, you should make the questions more specific. Hope this helps.

Sindhu recommends the following next steps:

Research informational interviews
Research the individual, the job, and field of interest to tailor the questions to the person you are speaking to
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Nina’s Answer

1. What does your day to day look like?
2. How would you describe your company culture?
3. How close do you work with your manager?
4. What are some of your biggest accomplishments in your current role?
5. How often do you work in a team setting?