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Career Questions tagged Need

jennel J.’s Avatar
jennel J. Mar 23, 2021 344 views

What are some steps one can take to chose a career path? I know people always say to do something what you like but through my years at high school I had to cut off everything that I once loved to focus on my studies and because of this I don't have a hobby nor a passion. The only thing I know how to do is study

#need help asap #high-school

Roxanne G.’s Avatar
Roxanne G. Jul 19, 2020 238 views

what careers can i look into that are work from home and easy start up? or work that can be done on my own downtime (late evening)

looking for options while home with son during covid...are there any jobs that are steady in income and can be done in the evenings or during certain hours..
#need a plan

Karla A.’s Avatar
Karla A. May 03, 2019 253 views

What colleges have the best business program

#need to know

Christine D.’s Avatar
Christine D. Apr 27, 2018 324 views

If I don't want to finish my degree because I have a job that's my dream job, should i finish?

I am asking this because i feel as if i am stuck ##feeling-stuck #need