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What colleges have the best business program

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5 answers

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Justin’s Answer


While there are various rankings of undergraduate business schools (see:, this does necessarily dictate which college will offer you the best opportunity. Deciding to study business is a major first step. Next, you should ask yourself a few questions that are common to everyone looking at potential colleges:

1. Do you want a large or small school?

2. Do you want to be close to home or are you interested in something far away?

3. Do you want to be in a busy urban area or a more peaceful rural environment?

4. Do you have a specific major in mind beyond business, such as accounting, finance, or marketing?

If you can answer these questions above, look for a school that offers what you want from #1 -3 and that offers a good program in your intended major for #4. There are dozens of schools across the U.S. that provide an excellent education and a great start to a business career.

Justin recommends the following next steps:

Look at the four questions above.
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Pranav’s Answer


There are many factors that makes a best business program. It is partially up to you as to what you would like to do and what are your interests. You can search this link for additional information. There are other sources available online. Please do not focus just on best program based on other's research but do your own research and talk to people, visit the colleges you may be interested in, ask your counselors.

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Tesa’s Answer

If you look here (, US News has a lot of different college rankings, including business college rankings. It also has other rankings, such as best online schools and best regional colleges. This would be a good resource for you, but you could also do other online research or ask people you know to learn more about some of the schools you're interested in. Of course, any education is better than none if business is something you want to learn about, so don't be shy to explore any option that may work for you, even if you start at a local community college or go to a local regional college that's not on this list (for example). Good luck!

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Andres’s Answer

THe best Business program is a combination of 2 things. A good University 4 years program, but also, start your own business, the "street smart and learning process on a real business" is a must, if you are interested on a Business Program... learning is a constant process in life.

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Aman’s Answer

  1. University of Notre Dame. ...
  2. Babson College. ...
  3. CUNY Bernard M Baruch College. ...
  4. Bentley University. ...
  5. Washington and Lee University. ...
  6. University of Richmond. ...
  7. University of Southern California. ...
  8. San Jose State University

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