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If I don't want to finish my degree because I have a job that's my dream job, should i finish?

I am asking this because i feel as if i am stuck #feeling-stuck need

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3 answers

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Austin’s Answer

Christine, great question. So short answers is yes, you probably should finish your degree. While the job you have right now may be your dream job, your dream job and interests may change 5 years down the line. If your interests change and you want a new job, that job may require a B.A. which you don't have because you decided not to finish school. While four years of school may seem like a lot, it really is not that much time. If you have a B.A. not only will you be able to get a higher salary, but you will also be able to apply to more jobs that require an undergraduate degree. Having an undergraduate degree confers many benefits and it is incredibly advantageous to have one.

Think about things in the long term, four years of school is by no means fun but it is well worth it. Having a degree opens up doors, allows you to have a higher salary, and offers your job flexibility in the long run. If your interests change and you don't like your job, you don't want to be stuck in it all because you didn't finish your degree.

I hope this helps and I wish you the best of luck!!



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Lakshmi’s Answer

I agree with the above. Sometimes in life we have to finish things we're not interested to for the greater good or the bigger picture. You may not require the degree immediately but life has inexplicable ways of throwing things at you and you may require it later. The good thing is you know this degree you're trying to do has a time and it will finish by then. So that's something definitive. Unlike a scenario where you are stuck in a role you might not like and don't know how long you have to do it for.
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Simeon’s Answer

Finishing a degree when you've got a different vision can be a bit of a drag, but I highly recommend you find the quickest finish line to a degree, even if it ends up being something like an associate degree. You can use a completed college degree as a starting point for a number of career directions, so it helps prevent a significant risk if your next career move doesn't work out.