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Alex’s Avatar
Alex Mar 30 390 views

What job and how can become rich become billionaire ?

In Vietnam student like me if i do part time 4 hours they pay very low money.if i do part time job not enough live and pay rent
1.what job do online become rich fast can become rich fast online job in 1 month

Gianni’s Avatar
Gianni Feb 28 251 views

How can being responsible help me be an Investment Banker?

I am an 8th grader mid way through 2nd semester.I am very interested in the financial field.A dream job of mine would be to become a Baseball General Manager.I would love negotiating back and forth with people and other general managers to do a trade.

Christian’s Avatar
Christian May 11, 2019 935 views

Chinese vs German

I'm trying to decide what language I want to take for high school. As I've talked about before, I've been thinking about taking a train apprenticeship. The rail company is based in Switzerland, and a lot of their instructions are in German. So if I take German, it would help me get my foot in...

Karla’s Avatar
Karla May 03, 2019 486 views

What colleges have the best business program

#need to know

Hannah’s Avatar
Hannah Jul 26, 2018 740 views

Is an MBA worth pursuing immediately after undergrad?

#finance #double-major

Tinni’s Avatar
Tinni May 15, 2018 730 views

How do I get a job on Wall Street?

I’m in high school, just asking out if curiosity.

What are the steps to doing this? For those who have worked on Wall Street, how was your experience?
#wallstreet #business #finance

Joey’s Avatar
Joey Mar 20, 2018 657 views

Which professions are best in the field of finance?

I'm newly returning to school after taking a few years off and completely changing my degree to finance. I'm good with numbers, but still not entirely sure which route to go after college. #finance

Kimberly’s Avatar
Kimberly Mar 06, 2018 660 views

Am I already behind in school?

I am currently a freshman in college and I just figured out that I want to do something business related. The problem is, I'm not yet enrolled in the business college at my university and I'm also planning to transfer schools. I haven't taken any business pre-requisite classes and I'm afraid I...

Ena’s Avatar
Ena Jun 04, 2017 989 views

How to break in buy-side?

I am international student in Canada and I hope to begin career in private equity. I just want to acquire local experience before graduation. #finance #pe #private-equity

Bridget’s Avatar
Bridget May 30, 2017 1113 views

If undergraduate university does not matter, why am I being disregarded and overlooked in the job field and MBA admissions process?

I attend a fairly new, medium size, public state university. I have a 3.94 GPA and a list of involvement and service hours. I want to apply to MBA programs in about a year (after graduation,{grad. Fall 2018}), but I am wondering if the admissions officers will overlook my profile because I...

Demarie’s Avatar
Demarie Mar 15, 2016 1238 views

What kind of training and certification is necessary to become an investment manager?

I'll be going to college soon so I need to learn more about how I need to prepare for a career in investment management. Can you tell me what kind of training and/or certification is involved? #finance #financial-services #investment-management #investing

Francisco’s Avatar
Francisco May 16, 2016 903 views

What is the expected growth for Investment Bankers?

I am unsure what to study, but I still have time, Since, I'm a high school senior about to graduate. #business

Joana’s Avatar
Joana Dec 24, 2015 1847 views

An accounting question.

What is the difference between majoring in accounting and finance? Which one is more easy (Both of them sound hard but one of them has to be easy.)? I want to know which position is not hard to take if you are thinking of becoming a business major (work somewhere in the business field.)...

Arturo’s Avatar
Arturo Dec 10, 2015 1512 views

Which is a better major to take in college to find a job in the business field: Economics, FInance, or Marketing?

I am interested in working in the business field and working with different companies. I am really good with numbers and like working with money. I want to find out which major is best because I want to be able to apply for a college that has known programs in those majors. I am currently a...

Paul’s Avatar
Paul Nov 04, 2015 2187 views

How do i get into impact investing as a fund manager?

I see that community colleges are creating impact strategies. What can I do to someday get into impact investing? #finance #fund #impact-investing