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Tinni May 15, 2018 762 views

How do I get a job on Wall Street?

I’m in high school, just asking out if curiosity.

What are the steps to doing this? For those who have worked on Wall Street, how was your experience?
#wallstreet #business #finance

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Tinni May 15, 2018 795 views

What are activities or internships I should pursue if I want to major in business?

I want to apply for extremely competitive undergraduate business programs and I want to stand out among applicants. What internships or extra curricular activities should I do? I am already holding an officer position in FBLA and have won an award for global business. #business #wharton...

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Tinni May 15, 2018 1303 views

How is NYU Undergraduate Stern?

This is a program that I’ve really been looking into and was wondering if those who have graduated from this program would be able to give any insight on. #nyu #stern #business-school #college #undergraduate

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Tinni May 14, 2018 565 views

What are colleges with the best internship opportunities for business and political science students?

I know that getting internships throughout my college career is important to getting a good job and building experience, but are there any specific universities in target locations that have an increased number of opportunities as opposed to other colleges? #internship

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Tinni May 14, 2018 839 views

What are the best undergraduate business programs?

I know of NYU’s Stern and UPenn’s Wharton but how many more are there? I’m planning on getting an undergraduate degree in business because that’s what I’m genuinely interested in and the activities that I’m pursuing line up with that but I don’t know whether I should pursue something else for...

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Tinni May 04, 2018 650 views

What national colleges have the best business/economics or international relations/political science programs?

#business #international-relations

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Tinni May 04, 2018 642 views

What are the best study abroad programs for colleges in the U.S?

#study-abroad #college #international

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Tinni May 04, 2018 482 views

What should every student know before majoring in political science, economics, or international relations?

I’m conflicted on what to major in and feel like these are good options for me.

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Tinni May 04, 2018 619 views

I know I want to major in something business related, but what are the best majors before getting an MBA?

I don’t want to do my undergraduate degree in marketing or business but I want a concentration of study that emphasizes people centered and economy based curriculum.


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Tinni Mar 02, 2018 615 views

How can I get internships in legal fields as a high school student?

There are almost none for high schoolers because they are only looking for law students