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Joana R. Nov 09, 2016 487 views

Where can I get a bachelors degree in Hospitality and Tourism?

I want a career that involves traveling around the world. What are the best schools here in the U.S that has a bachelors degree on this? #hospitality...


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Joana R. Feb 06, 2016 900 views

I'm a Graphic Design major, and wondering what jobs I can get with this degree?

What other jobs can I get if I major in Graphic Design? What careers are there for it? #college #art #major #design...


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Joana R. Dec 24, 2015 1310 views

An accounting question.

What is the difference between majoring in accounting and finance? Which one is more easy (Both of them sound hard but one of them has to be easy.)? I want to know which position is not hard to take if you are thinking of becoming a business major (work somewhere in the business field.)...

#finance #business #work #accounting