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Minuet’s Avatar
Minuet Mar 09 72 views

What GPA do I need to get into a good medical school??

What GPA do I need to get into a good premed school? I really am interested in being a neurosurgeon but am unsure what college to go to and how long?

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user Feb 23 89 views

Architecture Advice

What are the pros and cons of architecture? #CV23

Malak’s Avatar
Malak Feb 17 163 views

What are the steps to become a pediatrician? And how many years? #CV23

I’ve always wanted to become a pediatrician because, I love helping people and I’m good at working with kids. But, before pursing a career in the medical field I want to know the steps and, how many years will it take from now?

nevaeh’s Avatar
nevaeh Feb 16 149 views

How To Get Good Study Habits?

How do you create good study habits and stick to them ? I’m having a hard time because of my low attention span and would love some helpful tips for a freshman in high school! #CV23

Tanjina’s Avatar
Tanjina Feb 16 277 views

How do you separate your feelings and emotions from difficult decisions?

Hello, after spending some time searching for the ideal career for me, I discovered two that particularly piqued my interest: becoming a nurse practitioner and registered nurse. I realized how much I like helping people when I was very young, and I believe that both these jobs are the finest...

Silviya’s Avatar
Silviya Dec 22, 2022 463 views

What skills are required for HR?

I am a fresher with no experience. What skills do I need to land into a job role in HR? Currently, I am pursuing my masters of management in Human Resources? Where do I start?

Tatiana’s Avatar
Tatiana Dec 09, 2022 140 views

What is the life of a Welder like?

Hello! Currently, I'm a college freshman. I'm already have a major/program of study. However, I'm exploring other careers and I saw someone suggested Welder. Being completely unfamiliar with this field: - What is it like to work as a Welder? - What skills does someone learn starting off new...

Hanan’s Avatar
Hanan Dec 08, 2022 219 views

What are some ways to get paid undergraduate research?

I know professors typically pay their students, but in my case, my professor had not yet received funding and couldn't pay me himself. Are there other methods?


cameron’s Avatar
cameron Dec 07, 2022 116 views

so if i start my own business how do i go by that at the start?

if i think some people won't go for it and I need help so if you have any advice can yall" help.

Laniyah’s Avatar
Laniyah Oct 28, 2022 291 views

College Question

What is the most your college has to offer regarding a nursing career #Fall22!

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Alina Oct 16, 2022 100 views

What are the levels of education needed to become a video game designer?

I want to know what school types I should go to, as well as what majors and how long they take?

Tatiana’s Avatar
Tatiana Aug 03, 2022 464 views

How do you become an animator and illustrator at the same time?

So, I read a Q&A from a professional Background (BG) Artist a few days ago. The BG said "a illustration skills don’t always translate to animation." So, it made me wonder more about the differences between the two fields. They're both art-based careers, yet there's some differences I...

Tatiana’s Avatar
Tatiana Aug 03, 2022 477 views

What type of animation jobs have flexible hours + stable pay?

Hello, everyone. While I researched animation roles, I learned that some workers may work long hours/overtime, or that animators work project-to-project. The fact that some people may go through a period of no work with studios or experience high levels of burnout troubles me (as that is...

Tatiana’s Avatar
Tatiana Jul 31, 2022 405 views

How to choose which animation specialization to study?

Hello! I'm interested in having a career in animation. When I started looking at animation more closely, I thought "animator", "producer", and "director" were the only job titles you could have. Turns out there's many different jobs to choose from. However, I have no idea which area to...

Quanicia’s Avatar
Quanicia Jul 25, 2022 185 views

Grants and funding to start a daycare

I would like to know if there are any grants or funding available to help start a daycare center?

De'Aja’s Avatar
De'Aja Jul 22, 2022 387 views


Best Colleges for screenwriting/screenwriters?

Phoenix’s Avatar
Phoenix Jul 22, 2022 334 views

College .VS. Trade school what are the risks and the rewards for each?

Is it worth spending more money to go to college when I could go to trade school and spend less to get the same certification at a trade school?

Aaliyah’s Avatar
Aaliyah Jul 22, 2022 293 views

Animation industry

I stepped away from an art college because it was extremely overwhelming, it was super competitive and the workload left me in tons of panic attacks. I also couldn't afford the tuition. Its been awhile (cause of covid) and now im thinking of going back to community for two years to start my...

Micah’s Avatar
Micah Jul 22, 2022 163 views

Any advice on the things I’m interested in ?

I don't have a career goal yet, I'm looking for advice, I'm interested in public relations , fashion, modeling, sports, trade schools for painting and carpentry.

Any advice on the things I’m interested in ?

Dana’s Avatar
Dana Jul 21, 2022 180 views

What do I need to be a famous designer

What do I need to become a famous designer and actor for different shows and I what do I need to have my first fashion show at a young age such as mine what motivation do I need

Taryn Rainn’s Avatar
Taryn Rainn Jul 20, 2022 162 views

How to build my Clientele as a Hairsy

I want to further my business in a shop of my own one day but i dont have a consistent amount of clients

anaiya’s Avatar
anaiya Jul 20, 2022 177 views

WNBA question

What do I need to do to in college and/or highschool to make it into the WNBA and be successful ?

diana’s Avatar
diana Jul 20, 2022 234 views

What's the right path?

What should I focus on the most if I want to be a journalist?

Briana’s Avatar
Briana Jul 20, 2022 338 views

Would psychology be more beneficial than social work or vice versa?

I've finally come to the conclusion that I want to either be a psychiatrist or a social worker but I can't decide which one all I know is that I want to help people and create my own helping center for the homeless, troubling people, addicts, etc and I just don't know what'll be more beneficial.

Ziaire’s Avatar
Ziaire Jul 19, 2022 279 views

My question is to become a Veterinarian Doctor, What classes do you suggest that I need to take ?

I would like to own my own practice any information you can give me on this subject will be truly helpful. Also they have programs to help to take care of the animals or do it all comes out of the owner pocket?

Alyssa’s Avatar
Alyssa Jul 19, 2022 272 views

What do i need to know about becoming a vet or chef.

What are great tips i need to know about becoming a vet or chef.

Alaa’s Avatar
Alaa Jul 19, 2022 285 views

I want to become a nurse, but I want to know what is the difference between an RN and Nurse practitioner.

I've done a bit of research on both but I still don't understand the big difference on both. I also want to know if the requirement to become one varies on which one you want to be.

jaylen’s Avatar
jaylen Jul 18, 2022 265 views

how to go in business?

i'm the 9th grade love to box i want to own a build for boxing

Tahsin’s Avatar
Tahsin Jul 18, 2022 246 views

Hi, what does the daily life of a criminal prosecutor look like? From the moment you wake up to when you head to bed?

My name's Tahsin, I'm a high school junior who's interested in becoming a criminal prosecutor. Writing, debating, and mock trial = My favorites.

Tahsin’s Avatar
Tahsin Jul 17, 2022 318 views

Hi, I am a rising high school junior interesting in becoming a criminal prosecutor. Is there anything I can do at this time to increase my likeliness of getting accepted into law school and making a successful career for myself?

I've participated in my school's mock-trial tournaments in 6th grade which instantly sparked my liking of this career and has inspired to me to actually pursue it.

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