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Detroit, Michigan
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I want to become a nurse specifically majoring in pediatric nurse. Already started my path to it.

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Malak May 22 260 views

How can I become a pediatric nurse, right after graduation from nursing school with my bachelors of nursing#Spring24?

Hello, I’m a sophomore in college and finishing my pre-reqs for nursing and later on wanting to apply to nursing school to get my bachelors of nursing. And my main goal for becoming a nurse is not just in general I want to get into a special field like pediatric nurse and just what to know will...

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Malak Apr 27 313 views

What is the hardest part of the nursing program?#Spring24?

Hello, I want to pursue a degree in nursing with my bachelors and will be applying to Wayne state university bachelors of nursing program once I get done with my pre-read. And it’s 3 years. I want to know what will be the hardest part of the nursing program and how can I be able to look out for...

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Malak Apr 24 247 views

What nursing program would be best for me and for my future career goal?#Spring24

Hello I’m freshmen student at WSU and finishing my pre-requisition for pre-nursing and I’m struggling with figuring out if I should got to Wayne state university nursing program or Madonna university program. I would rather go to Wayne state university but it’s 3 years and modonna university is...

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Malak Feb 17, 2023 679 views

What are the steps to become a pediatrician? And how many years? #CV23

I’ve always wanted to become a pediatrician because, I love helping people and I’m good at working with kids. But, before pursing a career in the medical field I want to know the steps and, how many years will it take from now?