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Imperial, California
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Gianni Feb 29 380 views

How will being happy help me succeed as an investment banker ?

I am a 14 year old in 8th grade just a few months out of graduating to high school.I always liked the ideas of negotiating going back and forth with one another till we get to an agreement.I always liked watching my parents negotiate for a good deal for a car.

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Gianni Feb 29 448 views

How can being strong help me become an investment banker?

I am an 14 year old in 8th grade.I always was interested in the financial field.I would love to go to Oregon University and hopefully playing football there with a full ride scholarship while learning about financial business.

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Gianni Feb 28 296 views

How can being responsible help me be an Investment Banker?

I am an 8th grader mid way through 2nd semester.I am very interested in the financial field.A dream job of mine would be to become a Baseball General Manager.I would love negotiating back and forth with people and other general managers to do a trade.