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Shayla C.’s Avatar
Shayla C. Shayla C. May 11, 2016 7554 views

Why did you become an auditor?

I just heard about this job. I'm great with numbers, and do well in math class in high school, but this job sounds kind of boring. Do you like your job as an auditor? Is it really as boring as it sounds staring at spreadsheets and numbers all day? I'd also like to hear why you chose to become...

#auditing #accounting #stem #math #finance #business

Hailin G.’s Avatar
Hailin G. Hailin G. Apr 20, 2020 404 views

What can you do with both a statistics(or applied math) degree and an economics degree?

I am interested in statistics, applied math, and economics, but don't know people who had double-majored in these areas. Just wondering what your working experience is like before and after graduation. How is your day like and what is the best part of your job? Much thanks! #math #career...

#economics #technology #statistics

Miryam R.’s Avatar
Miryam R. Miryam R. Jul 02 76 views

Is there a difference between a degree in animal science and a degree in zoology?

I've heard that zoology means animal science, "zoo" meaning animals, and "logy" meaning science. Thank you! #wildlife #animals...


Rachel W.’s Avatar
Rachel W. Rachel W. Mar 20, 2018 213 views

What study habits are most important in college?

As a homeschool student, I get concerned that I won't meet expectations in college....


Rachel W.’s Avatar
Rachel W. Rachel W. Mar 20, 2018 263 views

How do I guard myself from toxic people in college?

I want to make sure I use discernment in who my closest circle of friends are while I am in college....


Joshua K.’s Avatar
Joshua K. Joshua K. Mar 23, 2020 270 views

what are some approaches you can take to find a decent job in the midst of this unprecedented event?

I am currently looking for a data analyst and data scientist internship position for this upcoming summer 2020, possibly in the West LA area. I wanted to know how I can improve my chances of getting an internship/job #covid-19 #internship #data-analysis...


Jennifer B.’s Avatar
Jennifer B. Jennifer B. Jul 12, 2018 482 views

How likely is it that I will want to switch my major?

I'm interested in Early Childhood Education mostly. I'm also interested in Creative Writing and Psychology. #senior #senioritis #nervous #major #double-major #psychology...


Ja-Ia X.’s Avatar
Ja-Ia X. Ja-Ia X. May 18, 2018 309 views

How to handle high tuition rates for an out-of-state student?

I plan on transferring from a community college to a university. However, I am unsure as to how to transfer my credits and making sure that everything that I have done until now aligns. I am also concerned about the high tuition rate and how to compensate for it. For example, when I should be...

#savingmoney #outofstate #tuition

Jasmine O.’s Avatar
Jasmine O. Jasmine O. Aug 24, 2018 337 views

What are the best colleges for international relations?

Schools best known for international relations or politics. #international...

David R.’s Avatar
David R. David R. May 12 91 views
Makayla S.’s Avatar
Makayla S. Makayla S. Aug 26, 2018 248 views

What prerequisites are necessary for a Music Teaching Education major?

I want to major in Music Teaching Education, and when I looked up the required classes I saw that there were no basic English, History, Math, or Science classes on the list. I was under the impression that those basic core classes would be required, at least for a quarter or two of each, in...

#music #college-major #prerequisites

David R.’s Avatar
David R. David R. May 12 102 views

What types of Colleges or Universities offer classes on Environmental science? (Or Environmental science research if possible)

Hey, I'm David. I am 16 years old and am looking for colleges or Universities that focus on research rather than hands on.#environment #environmental-science #ecology #environmental-services...


Katelyn Y.’s Avatar
Katelyn Y. Katelyn Y. Jan 26, 2017 1477 views

Do resumes need to be one page?

Hi, I'm attempting to become an "officer" in a club at my college and they want to see a resume. My boyfriend is a part of this club and he told me that my resume needs to be one page, that jobs only want to see one page anyways. Is this true? The job application my father helped me make it...

#resumes #resume-writing #evaluating-resumes #resume #job-application

Hollie C.’s Avatar
Hollie C. Hollie C. Jul 30, 2016 656 views

What are some strategies to write my resume if I do not have internships and work experiences prior to college graduation?

I couldn't manage both schoolwork and work during college life. After graduation and as expected, it appears to me that lacking these experiences really downplay my resume. I want to know how I can write my resume given my background like this? #resume...


Brittany P.’s Avatar
Brittany P. Brittany P. Sep 09, 2018 287 views

How do you become a mechanic?

How did you learn to work on cars? Curious to all the different paths people have gone to learn how to work on cars. How much do you have to know before you can be qualified to work in a shop (as an apprentice)? #mechanic #automotivemechanic #automotivetechnician #carmechanic #womeninautomotive...

#supercar #germanengineering

Sydney S.’s Avatar
Sydney S. Sydney S. Sep 02, 2017 438 views

What is the best method for getting a job in a zoo or wildlife rehabilitation center?

I have always been interested in wildlife and plan on being open to either option once I receive a degree in Wildlife Ecology and Conservation Sciences at Washington State University. So far this is just a plan but I will be applying for their spring semester which begins this January. I guess...

#wildlife-biology #wildlife-rehabilitation #zookeeper #zoology #wildlife-conservation

Miryam R.’s Avatar
Miryam R. Miryam R. May 26 100 views

For being a Zookeeper, which degree has the most hands-on (example: associate, bachelors...)?

I love learning by using my hands, it is a lot more fun and easier to learn. #wildlife #degrees...


Jasmine O.’s Avatar
Jasmine O. Jasmine O. Aug 24, 2018 183 views

How do I maximize efficiency when applying to scholarships?

How much time to spend on each application, knowing which scholarships to apply to, etc....


Charlee H.’s Avatar
Charlee H. Charlee H. Jan 17, 2018 375 views

What is the most difficult aspect of living your life on-call, and how do you cope with it?

I am currently studying to be a CPM/LM (essentially, an out-of-hospital midwife), a career that involves being on-call for births or other needs by mothers 24/7. So, I would like to learn more about others' experiences with the on-call life, particularly what they found to be the hardest part...

#healthcare #midwifery #midwife #oncall #homebirth

Kristina C.’s Avatar
Kristina C. Kristina C. Mar 17, 2018 381 views

Why don't I see any women Architects?

I was watching a series on Netflix called " The World's Most Extraordinary Homes" and as the host of the show interviews these architects they are predominantly men that have sculpted these buildings....


Sandra H.’s Avatar
Sandra H. Sandra H. Jan 16, 2018 449 views

How can you find a job in your chosen field after graduation when they all require experience?

I look at all the job postings periodically to get a sense of what type of accounting I want to do when I get my bachelor's degree. They all require experience to start. Is it really necessary to have the experience if you've earned a degree?...


Aileen N.’s Avatar
Aileen N. Aileen N. Oct 26, 2016 510 views

As a pediatrician, how do personal feelings come up into work?

Do you associate feelings when it comes to work? Does a patient remind you of someone you know and that affects you relationship wise? Does the environment affect how you feel? #doctor #nurse #pediatrician #healthcare...


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