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Career Questions tagged Materials Engineering

Jack’s Avatar
Jack Apr 05, 2021 383 views

Where do you think the future of engineering is heading?

#engineering #electrical-engineering #materials-engineering # technology #clean energy

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Jack Apr 05, 2021 353 views

Whats one thing you wish you knew going into college regarding engineering?

#engineering #technology #ISU #electrical-engineering #materials-engineering #chemical-engineering

Madilyn’s Avatar
Madilyn Oct 23, 2016 557 views

What types of projects are most commonly brought upon Materials Engineers?

I have been considering attending college for Materials Engineering. I really enjoy the concepts, but I am just wondering exactly what situations I would have to face in a career such as this. #engineering #materials-engineering

Madilyn’s Avatar
Madilyn Oct 23, 2016 951 views

What does a typical work day look like in the life of a materials engineer?

I am planning on going to college for Materials Engineering in the fall of 2017. Currently I am looking at two different engineering schools: the School of Mines and Technology in South Dakota along with Winona State University in Minnesota. I would like to know what I am getting into if I...

kimberly’s Avatar
kimberly Oct 19, 2016 631 views

Why is it that only a small amount of colleges have a material science major?

I live in southern California and noticed that only a small amount of colleges offer material science as a major. This confuses me not only because that's what i want to major in, but also the fact that this career can solve many environmental problems. #science #environment #materials-science...

jasmyn’s Avatar
jasmyn May 23, 2016 1571 views

Is it hard to find a job if you got a degree in Materials Engineering?

I want to become a Materials Engineer after graduating college. #engineer #graduate #women-in-engineering #materials-engineering

Sofia’s Avatar
Sofia May 18, 2016 823 views

What kind of engineering career/major could I pursue if I am interested in the food industry and food chemistry as well as business?

I am a senior in high school heading to college next year. I am going to major in engineering, and although I don't have to declare until the end of my freshman year, I am leaning towards Chemical Engineering or Material Science Engineering. I have always been interested in leading a healthy...

Sofia’s Avatar
Sofia May 18, 2016 7635 views

What would be the major differences between majoring in Chemical Engineering versus Material Science Engineering?

I am going to major in engineering and love chemistry, and although I originally planned to major in Chemical Engineering, I recently heard and learned more about Material Science Engineering. I am now equally interested in both majors, but want to know what the major differences in jobs,...