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Career Questions tagged Materials Engineering

Nathaniel’s Avatar
Nathaniel May 02 127 views

How do I find openings for Materials Engineers in the San Jose area?

I'm looking to be a Materials Engineers and would like to get a start by having options of employment to get my foot in the door. Thank you for answering.

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Nathaniel May 01 155 views

What is a typical day for a Material Engineer?

I don't know what Material Engineer really does. If someone can tell me that would be awesome. Thank you for answering my question.

Nathaniel’s Avatar
Nathaniel May 01 118 views

What training should I go through for Material Engineering?

I would like to know what schooling/training to do for me to be more prepared for the career in interested in. Thank you for answering.

Jack’s Avatar
Jack Apr 05, 2021 457 views

Where do you think the future of engineering is heading?

#engineering #electrical-engineering #materials-engineering # technology #clean energy

Jack’s Avatar
Jack Apr 05, 2021 445 views

Whats one thing you wish you knew going into college regarding engineering?

#engineering #technology #ISU #electrical-engineering #materials-engineering #chemical-engineering

Madilyn’s Avatar
Madilyn Oct 23, 2016 636 views

What types of projects are most commonly brought upon Materials Engineers?

I have been considering attending college for Materials Engineering. I really enjoy the concepts, but I am just wondering exactly what situations I would have to face in a career such as this. #engineering #materials-engineering

Madilyn’s Avatar
Madilyn Oct 23, 2016 1101 views

What does a typical work day look like in the life of a materials engineer?

I am planning on going to college for Materials Engineering in the fall of 2017. Currently I am looking at two different engineering schools: the School of Mines and Technology in South Dakota along with Winona State University in Minnesota. I would like to know what I am getting into if I...

kimberly’s Avatar
kimberly Oct 19, 2016 702 views

Why is it that only a small amount of colleges have a material science major?

I live in southern California and noticed that only a small amount of colleges offer material science as a major. This confuses me not only because that's what i want to major in, but also the fact that this career can solve many environmental problems. #science #environment #materials-science...

jasmyn’s Avatar
jasmyn May 23, 2016 1765 views

Is it hard to find a job if you got a degree in Materials Engineering?

I want to become a Materials Engineer after graduating college. #engineer #graduate #women-in-engineering #materials-engineering

Sofia’s Avatar
Sofia May 18, 2016 976 views

What kind of engineering career/major could I pursue if I am interested in the food industry and food chemistry as well as business?

I am a senior in high school heading to college next year. I am going to major in engineering, and although I don't have to declare until the end of my freshman year, I am leaning towards Chemical Engineering or Material Science Engineering. I have always been interested in leading a healthy...

Sofia’s Avatar
Sofia May 18, 2016 8246 views

What would be the major differences between majoring in Chemical Engineering versus Material Science Engineering?

I am going to major in engineering and love chemistry, and although I originally planned to major in Chemical Engineering, I recently heard and learned more about Material Science Engineering. I am now equally interested in both majors, but want to know what the major differences in jobs,...