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Is it hard to find a job if you got a degree in Materials Engineering?

I want to become a Materials Engineer after graduating college. #engineer #graduate #women-in-engineering #materials-engineering

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2 answers

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Fernando’s Answer

Hi Jasmyn.

I would say that generally it is not difficult to find a job in materials engineering. But depending on your focus, the jobs can be particularly localized. For example, if you work as a materials engineer in semiconductor applications, you best bet is to work in CA, NY, TX, MA, OR (Intel) or Boise IH (Micron). Materials for power electronics are mostly in NY (General Electric), CA or abroad. Materials for energy follow the same pattern, either West or East coast. If you are willing to relocate to those areas most likely you will find a job. There are few of those jobs in the middle of the country.

Start applying for internships or jobs as you are in college. I know plenty of people that had full-time jobs already secured a year before graduating. Companies like Intel, GE, Micron, Qualcomm, fight for good quality people that come out of college.



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Wael’s Answer

If you check the link below you would find that only 6% of material science engineers are unemployed. In other wards, I think you would be fine.