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How can I change the world by doing what I love?

I am a Girl Scout and I dream of leaving the Earth better than I found it. I love science and creating the designs from my head. I find mathematics to be a little challenging, but I keep working and am in Pre-Calculus and have taken all honor maths my school offers. I think Engineering is a great field; however, men dominate this workforce. How can I best stand out and make the world a better place. #women-in-engineering

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2 answers

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Alejandra’s Answer

Hi Kaitlyn! I think its great you want to make an impact on Earth. I recommend you to choose the career you like, something you really enjoy doing; and it doesn't matter if it something dominated by men; its great how quickly girls are getting more and more involve in STEM carreers, dont hesitate studying what you like because of numbers, you'll see it's not that difficult dealing with men.

Im electronic Engineer, and I work at Cisco, here I’ve had many opportunities to give back to my community. It is a great feeling to know that I work for a company that cares about people before anything else; knowing that I have a chance to make a true impact in our planet, even in small ways, fills my heart.

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Shelley’s Answer

There's a lot going on in your question. I will try to address things in parts.

Mathematics is challenging, however it's worth the effort. Do you feel a sense of satisfaction when you're able to solve a math problem? If so, that's a good sign. If you have been taking honors math in your school, you are in a good place for succeeding in engineering.

As far as making a difference in the world, you have to decide what type of difference you want to make. Engineering has a wide range of disciplines. Look here for a list of the more popular disciplines:



Also, no matter what type of field that you go into, volunteering in your community is a good way to gain a more direct feeling of improving the world.

There are a lot of men in engineering, but there are an increasing number of women as well. Engineering is generally done as a team and not as solo projects. You will stand out if you are diligent and helpful.

Good luck!

Shelley recommends the following next steps:

Research different types of Engineering Disciplines to find the best fit for you with the links given.