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what careers can i look into that are work from home and easy start up? or work that can be done on my own downtime (late evening)

looking for options while home with son during covid...are there any jobs that are steady in income and can be done in the evenings or during certain hours..
need a plan

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3 answers

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Sunitha Blossom’s Answer

Most of the jobs these are days are work from home due to Covid, specially in the IT sector. You could try doing courses ( eg website creation, Testing) anything that suits your interest and start applying!
If non IT - you could look at Business develpment, real estate kind of opportunities :)
All the best
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Zhiwei’s Answer

Not exactly a career per se, but writing blogs! Just share with the world of your life and your professional interest. I found this immensely helpful when you are looking for a job and trying to showcase your experience and thinking. CVs are too dry, intent letters can look fake, but a blog with long time accumulated materials cannot lie.

Zhiwei recommends the following next steps:

Choose a blog service to start the journey
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Simeon’s Answer

Some of the jobs I'm aware of are like data entry, data analyst, telemarketer, ux design, and web design. You can get a certificate for some tech related jobs at grow. google. com.