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Dare O. Jul 18 101 views

I am an international student in Hongkong and I am stranded right now because I couldn't achieve my plan of doing some jobs in the summer. I wonder what I could be doing in the meantime before this pandemic goes down, please advice me.#July20

I am an international masters degree student in Hongkong. I am also a researcher and data analyst. I am passionate and enthusiastic. I love to work hard and never give up...


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Roxanne G. Jul 19 58 views

what careers can i look into that are work from home and easy start up? or work that can be done on my own downtime (late evening)

looking for options while home with son during covid...are there any jobs that are steady in income and can be done in the evenings or during certain hours.. #need a plan...


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Olivia C. Jul 19 84 views

What are the best colleges for studying Neuroscience?

I'm a rising senior in high school and really interested in majoring in Neuroscience for college. Any schools strong in this subject? Preferably on the west coast? Thanks! #college #neuroscience #july20...