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saddiq N. Apr 23, 2019 67 views

What are some important things i should know about airline pilots?

What are some key thing I should know or at least master before I come into airline pilots?...


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Kiera W. May 04, 2019 86 views

Is software development a good career move for me?

My major is computer science and I wants to be a software developer....


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Camilo Z. May 04, 2019 172 views

Do you think AI will make up the majority of the workforce in the future?

Do you think AI will be responsible for performing tasks that are normally performed by humans, to the extent of taking over most jobs? Take for example certain fast food chains introducing computers from which customers can order from, eliminating the need for people. #computer-science...

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Camilo Z. May 04, 2019 189 views

What kind of opportunities do you think could come from Virtual Reality?

Virtual reality primarely focuses on gaming, but what about implementing VR to help medical professionals prepare for real operations, helping soldiers prepare for the battlefield, etc. What other opportunities do you think will come from virtual reality as technology advances? #technology...

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