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Camilo May 04, 2019 770 views

What kind of opportunities do you think could come from Virtual Reality?

Virtual reality primarely focuses on gaming, but what about implementing VR to help medical professionals prepare for real operations, helping soldiers prepare for the battlefield, etc. What other opportunities do you think will come from virtual reality as technology advances? #technology...

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Camilo May 04, 2019 680 views

Do you think AI will make up the majority of the workforce in the future?

Do you think AI will be responsible for performing tasks that are normally performed by humans, to the extent of taking over most jobs? Take for example certain fast food chains introducing computers from which customers can order from, eliminating the need for people. #computer-science...

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Camilo Mar 08, 2019 864 views

What is one way that coding has benefited your life?

For example, some people claim to be better problem solvers after learning how to code. In what way has coding benefited you? #technology #coding #programming #computer

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Camilo Mar 05, 2019 511 views

If you had the ability to create anything, what would it be and why?

If you had the ability, knowledge, and resources necessary to invent a device or program that would positively impact society or make someone’s life easier, what would it be and why? #tech #technology

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Camilo Aug 18, 2018 639 views

What sort of jobs can you get with a degree in digital media?

Is digital media a worthwhile degree and what sort of jobs can you get? #media #programming #technology #computer

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Camilo Aug 18, 2018 907 views

How to be productive?

What’s the best way to stop procrastinating and having productive days? #motivation #advice #college

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Camilo Aug 12, 2018 662 views

Are student loans as scary as some make it seem?

I’m worried I won’t be able to get a good job after college to be able to pay back the loans. I’ve heard horror stories of people paying $900 just on interest rates. #college #loans # #job-search

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Camilo Aug 12, 2018 753 views

what is the one thing you wish you could accomplish?

Everyone has that one dream they wish to accomplish. However, when faced with uncertainty & doubt, we tend to give up & take the “safer path”. As a result, our dreams go unfulfilled. If you could accomplish anything in your life, as crazy or ridiculous as it may seem, what would it be? #sucess...