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Do you think AI will make up the majority of the workforce in the future?

Asked Houston, Texas

Do you think AI will be responsible for performing tasks that are normally performed by humans, to the extent of taking over most jobs? Take for example certain fast food chains introducing computers from which customers can order from, eliminating the need for people. #computer-science #technology #programming #stem

8 answers

Evan’s Answer

Updated Portland, Oregon

No. I do think that automation will make up the majority of the jobs that we currently use humans for today, but I don't think it will be AIs. I think it will be extremely simple purpose-built robots, perhaps using (relatively) rudimentary machine learning algorithms. Imagine something on the level of a Roomba, but different robots for each job, replacing humans for the majority of manual labor jobs.

I believe AIs will be too computationally expensive to utilize for any large-scale purposes comparable to the size of the human workforce.

Perhaps you’re right! I think that seems like the most plausible option. But who knows, maybe a few decades from now we will have robots working for us. I suppose that’s the end goal.

G. Mark’s Answer


My take on it is this. AI, and specifically Machine Learning, will be accumulating a fantastic amount of information experience in the years to come. By that I mean that ML will use Big Data, particularly from the Internet of Things (Internet connecting most objects and mechanisms to each other). The skills it accumulates will start as an infant, knowing only pieces of various skills, but it never forgets. So AI will be a big part of every facet of our lives. Trivial and repetitive tasks in advanced countries will be largely done by AI-enhanced mechanisms. At present AI can't replace humans in creative endeavors. But, contrary to the opinions of many, it will be a big part of that as well. Another thing is that innovation is usually based on new applications of existing knowledge. AI will make that application easier. Humans will continue to raise the bar, as it were, to try more and more ambitious efforts and build on what AI makes possible.

The end result of all this will be that humans will be doing more and more complicated things using AI as building blocks and tools. Humans will not be doing dangerous things as much. They will be doing different things that AI won't.

So no, AI won't make up the majority of the workforce. The workforce will be about the same size and composition as today. However, AI will be doing a lot of the things that humans used to do. Humans are far more flexible in that regard than they give themselves credit for.

Mariana’s Answer


In the IT industry, AI is now a major player. Self deploying networks, automation of tasks, orchestration between devices of different vendors, self provisioning of services. The IT workforce is not the majority of the planet, but it continuously challenges engineers to be prepared for the next wave of technology.

Mariana recommends the following next steps:

  • I loved checking the Zuckerberg vs Musk series on AI. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F5Z52jl4yHQ
Very interesting video, Mariana! Thank you. I will be doing more research on the topic.

Mario’s Answer

Updated Granollers, Catalonia, Spain

No, I don't think so. A.I. had a major hype in the last years (as happens with many other technologies). It's bubble will explode and then it will be back to the usual sustained growth.

A.I. is here to complement and facilitate the work of human people, and of course may take some low-qualification jobs the same way the mechanic automation has taken other jobs, but will also allow us to focus better on those tasks where the human factor is key, avoiding humans to perform repetitive, soul-crushing tasks.

that seems to be the common belief. I guess we’ve all dreamed of a time when we can delegate all of our work to a machine with the goal of making our lives easier. And perhaps one day that will be a possibility, but not in the near future.

Rod’s Answer

Updated United Kingdom

I am not good at predictions but I am old enough to have seen that many people's predictions don't come true. When it comes to thinking about your career though, you are right to put a priority on keeping up to date.

Even though we don't know how things will turn out, I think it is reasonable to say that AI is going to be an exciting place to earn a living. Is this something that interests you?

Absolutely! I am fascinated by the idea of AI being advanced enough to perform tasks that a human normally would, making our lives easier. After all, that’s what most people envision when they think of the future. Thank you for your answer!

Neil’s Answer

Updated Baltimore, Maryland

No. AI will to a greater extent make current jobs easier rather than replacing them. The ability to think through projects quicker will give you the ability to work fast, not cause you to lose your job.

Andres’s Answer

Updated Miami, Florida

No, I think it will develop new forms of work for humans in the future.

Of course, those computer will need to be repaired by someone! However, it will certainly raise the bar & make it more difficult for those without the technical skills necessary to get a job. As technology gets better & more advanced, you should too!
Not necessary more advance, just learn the new set of skills. I'm sure if I give you and old equipment, maybe you won't know how to used it... it is not more advance than the equipment of today... it is just different... and different is not always something you need more knowledge to learn... it is just somethin you need to learn.
Right! You have to stay up to date on the latest methods of doing your job. Just like engineers & doctors, they have to make sure they are always staying up to date on new technology, new methods, new studies, etc. Always expanding your knowledge & adapting with technology in order to be proficient at your job.
Correct! that is the way to live life

Kara’s Answer



I do think AI will play a huge part in the workforce and will continue to take over major functions but I do not believe it will ever replace the human workforce, I think it will change what the humans work on. I work on teams that are working in AI space, and they are trying to make the workforce smarter, but not replace it.

I suppose that’s the first step! Make the workforce smarter, not replace it. Thank you, Kara.