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Albert P.’s Avatar
Albert P. Jan 11, 2017 1399 views

How do you prepare for a technical interview?

I am a computer science student, and I will be going to an engineering and technical fair in a few weeks from now, and the companies there often schedule technical interviews in the following days. How should I prepare for it? Is this a dress code that I should follow? college...

interviews career computer-software internship job-application recruiting

Montez M.’s Avatar
Montez M. Feb 08, 2017 3104 views

Why did you choose to be a computer technician?

Because i was wondering because i wanted to do this career computer-software computer-hardware...


ian B.’s Avatar
ian B. Oct 12, 2017 973 views

What programming languages must you know for IT management or software engineer?

I know a couple languages, mostly high level but I was wondering If I have to learn C or C++ or ABC . I know python, bootstrap, html, css, java script, learning ruby and rails, and I am learning php and sql. software-engineering technology web-development computer-software software...

html javascript css java it-management coding

Olivia C.’s Avatar
Olivia C. Nov 14, 2018 317 views

What would it take to become a Professional eSports player?

I know that with becoming a professional eSports player you would need practice with the game you would like to play competitively, practice to build your skills, and train either by yourself or with a team of your own. But I would like to know something more in depth such as what qualities...

esports videogames professionalgamer

Revanth Sai Reddy V.’s Avatar
Revanth Sai Reddy V. Mar 18, 2019 579 views

Confused Future

I have been working as a Software Developer on Delphi and SQL for past one and half years. Now i am going for Masters in Computer Science. What skills do i have to develop so that i can get a job in Top companies in US like google,Apple, Microsoft? Please help me. Thankyou in advance...

computer computer-software software computer-science jobs technology

Devin L.’s Avatar
Devin L. Apr 17, 2019 265 views

How do i know what kinds of games to make?

Hi my name is Devin and i am looking for info on what kind of games to make video-games game-design...


Camilo Z.’s Avatar
Camilo Z. May 04, 2019 317 views

Do you think AI will make up the majority of the workforce in the future?

Do you think AI will be responsible for performing tasks that are normally performed by humans, to the extent of taking over most jobs? Take for example certain fast food chains introducing computers from which customers can order from, eliminating the need for people. computer-science...

programming stem technology

Gillian C.’s Avatar
Gillian C. May 09, 2019 556 views

How to prepare for an internship?

I’m in progress of a computer science bachelor degree. However, I’ve only had two coding classes: an introductory class using Visual Basic, and C++. I do not feel that I have learned much and would like to be more qualified for future internships. How may I further increase my knowledge outside...

computer-software technology softwareengineer science softwaredeveloper computer internship stem software computer-science womeninstem

Blake M.’s Avatar
Blake M. May 09, 2019 365 views

What is the Future of AI looking like to you in business?

Where do you see the future of AI/Machine learning development progressing? There is a lot of talk at conventions focused around AI about the ethics behind it. I think some people are too heavily influenced by movies(Skynet for example) to be able to see the future of AI. How will it affect...

computer ai machinelearning business aidevelopment technology futuredevelopment