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Posted on Oct 30, 2016

I want to be an engineer. I am not one hundred percent sure what I want my engineering branch to be, but I am steering towards being a civil engineer with a structural specialization. I plan to live in California for a few years after I obtain my bachelor's degree and begin my engineering career there.

Context: I am interested in this career because I have a passion for art, and feel that I can use this passion in a career that will be able to provide for me. I feel that my love for art will be useful in the design aspect that can be in engineering. I have always enjoyed math and have never felt hate towards the subject, therefore the combination of math and art seems to equal a good fit into the engineering field for me.
College: I plan to spend two years at Camden County College in order to save money, and continue my studies by transferring to Rutgers University - New Brunswick campus. I have been interested in the Rutgers New Brunswick Campus because I have heard of their impressive and competitive engineering school, and my older brother attended the Rutgers Camden campus during his college years.
Other Education: I plan to begin my education at a community college two years after I graduate high school, then transfer on to a four-year college.
Activities: In college, I plan to volunteer, participate in extracurricular activities, and possibly maintain a part-time job. There is more to college than course classes, and extra-curricular activities that I have participated in during high-school has greatly added onto my experience.
Job Experience: I am currently employed in a part-time job at Stride Rite, a retail company for children's shoes. This is a job that I hold in order to provide a stepping stone for me towards the "working life", allowing myself to experience time management, work-life balance, customer service, and a great deal of responsibility.
Soft Skills: I find that my soft skills are conflict negotiation, perfectionism, artistic judgement, and time management. If I feel that I am struggling through a certain task, I often converse with my teachers or professional boss to discuss a way to come up with a solution to satisfy both parties. I tend to be a bit of a perfectionist, and try my hardest to do anything to the best of my ability. I tend to hold a good artistic judgement, and I am often able to criticize my own artwork and determine where in my pieces I could have done better, such as where I could have made my lines cleaner or straighter, etc.
Hard Skills: I am more than willing to learn how to be better at math, I'm great at drawing, I have incredible typing speed, I am able to understand a majority of Tagalog, I'm proficient in Google Drive.
Other: N/A #engineering #civil-engineering #stem #women-in-stem #women-in-engineering

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Gillian C. Jul 17 121 views

How much training do you receive on a full time cyber security job?

There are a plethora of different cyber security jobs out there, with much to learn as you are being introduced to the many different concepts of cyber security. After accepting a full time cyber security position, how much/what kind of training do you typically receive starting into your...

#technology #stem #womeninstem #applicationsecurity #computerscience #computer-science #informationsecurity #cybersecurity #computer-security #careerdevelopment #career #july20

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Gillian C. May 09, 2019 290 views

When do most comp sci internships start?

I’m going to be a junior in computer science this coming fall, and I would like to begin searching for internships for the experience. I am going to have to take a summer class during the month of May. Are there internships that allow you to start in the middle of the summer, or are there any...

#stem #technology #womeninstem #internship #softwareengineer #software #computer-science #computer-software #softwaredeveloper #engineer #computer

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Gillian C. May 09, 2019 394 views

How to prepare for an internship?

I’m in progress of a computer science bachelor degree. However, I’ve only had two coding classes: an introductory class using Visual Basic, and C++. I do not feel that I have learned much and would like to be more qualified for future internships. How may I further increase my knowledge outside...

#stem #technology #womeninstem #softwareengineer #software #computer #computer-science #computer-software #softwaredeveloper #science #internship

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Gillian C. Mar 28, 2018 418 views

What does a computer engineer do?

What does a computer engineer do? What are the career options for a computer engineer? What does a day in the life of a computer engineer entail? #engineering #women-in-tech #women-in-stem #computer-engineering #stem #girls-in-stem #girls-who-code #computer-software #computer-hardware...

#computer-science #computer-programming

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Gillian C. Mar 13, 2017 494 views

Tasks of a Biomedical Engineer vs Tasks of a Chemical Engineer with Bio Specialization?

Do these two differ in terms of what they do in their daily work space? #engineering #biomedical-engineering...


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Gillian C. Mar 13, 2017 6097 views

Biomedical Engineering vs Chemical Engineering with Bio specialization?

I have been interested in pursuing a Biomedical Engineering major. However, people argue that biomedical engineering is the jack of all trades and master of none. This has been concerning for me as I would very much like to major in something and feel that I have mastered what I am learning...

#engineering #chemical-engineer #biotechnology #biomedical-engineering #chemical-engineering #stem16 #biochemistry #stemcareers

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Gillian C. Nov 14, 2016 1455 views

Are there engineering majors out there directly related to animals?

Animals have always been a huge passion of mine. I would love to know if there are any engineering majors that I can study that can lead me to an engineering job that involves working with animals. #engineering #civil-engineering #biomedical-engineering #animals #women-in-stem...

#animal-welfare #women-in-engineering #environmental-engineering

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Gillian C. Oct 29, 2016 612 views

Being a woman in STEM, what is expected of your work life to be like as a civil engineer?

I have constantly been told that there are more men in the STEM field than women, and as a woman, it would be more difficult to communicate with my coworkers compared to being able to communicate with them if I was a man. I was told that I would be surrounded by other men who would not take me...

#civil-engineering #women-in-engineering #professionals #structural-engineering #women-in-stem

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Gillian C. Oct 29, 2016 476 views

What is typically expected in a work day for someone that is a civil engineer specializing in structural engineering?

Growing up, I have always been told that as a civil engineer, you either draw bridges or perform math calculations to make sure the bridges are able to successfully stand. However, what is it REALLY like in a typical work day? Do you work on indoors computers? Do you work outdoors at...

#civil-engineering #engineering #professionals