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Being a woman in STEM, what is expected of your work life to be like as a civil engineer?

I have constantly been told that there are more men in the STEM field than women, and as a woman, it would be more difficult to communicate with my coworkers compared to being able to communicate with them if I was a man. I was told that I would be surrounded by other men who would not take me seriously, simply because I am a woman. Are these stereotypical statements true? What is it REALLY like as a woman in the civil engineering field? #civil-engineering #women-in-stem #professionals #women-in-engineering #structural-engineering

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DAVID’s Answer

not true, over my 30 years have worked as a team with many female engineers, many who after achieving experience left and opened their own consulting firms and all were very successful, and real engineers

Your answer has been very reassuring for me, thank you! Gillian C.

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