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Career Questions tagged Solar

Aaron J.’s Avatar
Aaron J. Nov 24 31 views

What is it like being a Solar Thermal Installer & Technician and what are the pros & cons about the career?

Right now I'm going to be studying to be a Solar Thermal Installer as my profession. I was interested in this field because I like solar power energy and like to use natural sources. I was wondering is this a good career in the long run too? technology computer engineering career solar...

installer engineer

Henry F S.’s Avatar
Henry F S. Jan 31, 2020 203 views

How do I enroll in my career, here in USA

I'm about to end a renewable energies engineering, I made it in Mexico but I want to work here for a couple of months to get some work experience. job career engineering engineer RenewableEnergy...


Aeryk R.’s Avatar
Aeryk R. Aug 13, 2019 209 views

What should i expect as a solar pv installer

green-energy solar male looking into going into solar...

Delanyo A.’s Avatar
Delanyo A. May 09, 2019 229 views

Can I as a Computer Engineering major branch off to do something related to Green Energy after my undergraduate studies?

Once I started Computer Engineering, it was all fun at the start but I realized I would want to be engaged in projects developing safer and more environmentally friendly energy solutions but I chose to not switch majors right away since this might launch me into another field eventually....

engineering solar computer green-energy electrical-engineering

Timothy T.’s Avatar
Timothy T. May 01, 2019 178 views
Timothy T.’s Avatar
Timothy T. May 01, 2019 194 views
Matthew B.’s Avatar
Matthew B. May 27, 2016 608 views

Is the field of renewable energy in the focus of solar energy a diminishing career field, or exapanding?

I've thought about a career path focused on renewable sustainable energy in the focus of solar energy, but all research suggests that solar power is a very inefficient means of powering our grid at this point in its age of advancement. engineering solar-energy...


Catterina G.’s Avatar
Catterina G. May 22, 2016 1238 views

What is the life of a solar engineer like?

Hi! I have a variety of questions about what it's like to be a solar engineer, because I'm extremely interested in the field of renewable energy and meshing it with engineering. So my questions are- What is the life of a solar engineer like? (For you) Is it fulfilling? Are you satisfied with...

solar-energy engineering solar-engineering renewable-energy solar