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Kansas City, Missouri
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Olivia’s Career Goals

I want to be a professional gamer not only to achieve my personal goals but to sport what I am passionate about and share it with others in the world who may be interested in the same thing.

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Olivia Nov 06, 2019 546 views

What are some tips to give to new animators?

What are some tips or advise in general that will benefit new animators in the long run for this career?

#animation #art #graphic-design #personal-development

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Olivia Nov 06, 2019 1348 views

What traits and attitude should an animator have?

What kinds of traits/attitudes are looked for in an animator? How do overall personality traits affect one person when they are being looked at from a business point of view?

#animation #art #artist

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Olivia Nov 06, 2019 685 views

How should you get started as an upcoming animator?

Are there certain things new animators should be looking out for when they begin to transfer themselves into a bigger world of art?
How would one know where to begin on their journey?

#animation #art #design #graphic-design #artist

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Olivia Nov 06, 2019 500 views

How do you get started in the animation industry?

Is there anyway you can describe how or what it is like in general when making your debut in the animation industry? Is there any specific process?

#animation #art #graphic-design #artist

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Olivia Nov 06, 2019 554 views

What is it like in the animation industry?

For those who are in the animation industry, what is it like for a day in your life? For example, how do you go about your day usually? What are the tasks you have at hand when assigned a small/big project? Is it easy being in this industry?

#animation #art #graphic-design #artist

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Olivia Dec 03, 2018 589 views

How to get started in eSports?

I'm curious as to how I can get started in eSports, like does anyone know any coaches under the games Overwatch or League of Legends I could possibly get into contact with?

#eSports #video-games #gaming #college

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Olivia Nov 14, 2018 631 views

What would it take to become a Professional eSports player?

I know that with becoming a professional eSports player you would need practice with the game you would like to play competitively, practice to build your skills, and train either by yourself or with a team of your own. But I would like to know something more in depth such as what qualities...