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Shaquanna W. Mar 09, 2017 658 views
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Kellen L. May 28, 2018 161 views

Do many companies focus on hiring recent college graduates?

I will be graduating from TTU...


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Long T. May 03 131 views

#How do I find a career that will satisfy me

I'm a junior that doesn't know what to do in the near future, even college is something I'm not sure about doing. So what will be best for me? #career...

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Camilo Z. May 04 127 views

Do you think AI will make up the majority of the workforce in the future?

Do you think AI will be responsible for performing tasks that are normally performed by humans, to the extent of taking over most jobs? Take for example certain fast food chains introducing computers from which customers can order from, eliminating the need for people. #computer-science...

#stem #programming #technology