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What are some important things i should know about airline pilots?

What are some key thing I should know or at least master before I come into airline pilots? #pilot

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2 answers

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Terry’s Answer

It's a really cool job with a lot of perks..., but it also was boring as all snot much of the time. When I was young...old pilots told me that, but I couldn't grasp what in the world they were talking about. I mean...you were FLYING for a living, come on!!! But yep, after a while it settles in and the day-day is pretty boring. I left the industry early on, but I knew many pilots who did the commercial aviation for the money aspect (cause it is darn nice) and then did some other job for fun/sanity.

Will this stop you, nope, probably not because the lure of the sky and the beauty is just too much...I get it. I miss the flying, just not the airlines. And yep, that really is the best seat on the plane!

Terry recommends the following next steps:

I wish I had gotten my glider rating first...that is the most beautiful flying out there. I think this will make you a much smoother pilot.
Private Pilot Certificate
Fly, fly, fly
Good habits versus bad

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Andres’s Answer

That your personal time, is depending on the schedule you have working for the company.... but it is a nice job to have...