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Is high school to flight school a good place to go to become a pilot???and how do I get sighned up?

I have heard of high school to flight school and want to go threw that flight school.Its threw the millitary. #pilot And I could use some information about it.

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4 answers

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Jack’s Answer

High School to Flight School is really just a catch-phrase, it's not a place you can attend. You'll also hear it commonly referred to as street to seat. What it means is being able to fly without a college degree. In the Air Force, to be a pilot you have to be a commissioned officer, which requires a four year degree. However, in the Army you can become a Warrant Officer, which doesn't require a degree. While no degree is required, you do have to score well on your initial military entrance exam ASVAB (Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery). The ASVAB has different categories and the scores from those categories dictate what jobs you are qualified to enlist in. You need at least a 110 score in the General Technical (GT) category for most aviation jobs. There are plenty of ASVAB study guides, find one that will indicate what your GT score is and keep studying until you are 110 or better. In addition to the ASVAB, you have to take a flight focused test which is called the SIFT (Selection Instrument for Flight Training). I can't speak much to the SIFT because the SIFT test came out after I had become a pilot, the test I took was different. However, the SIFT has been out for quite a few years now and there are plenty of study guides for it. Some parts of the test might be timed so practice, practice, practice.
Another thing to consider is your medical health. You must be in good health and have 20/40 vision correctable to 20/20. If you are in good health and pass all your tests, you'll go through basic training, then Warrant Officer school, then off to flight school! You can google Army pilots right now and see that there is a huge demand. Don't forget to ask your recruiter about bonuses because I know the Army had started offering some but I'm not sure of the requirements.

Best of luck to you! Study hard!

Thanks for your answer Jorden C.

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Hugo’s Answer

It comes down to 2 things. First, what are your goals? Airline pilot? Military pilot? Corporate? Etc. Second, how are you going to pay for it? If you know aviation is the thing you know you love, go for it. But before you commit to it, go on a discovery flight. Figure out if you actually will like flying a small airplane for 1,500 hours. Flight school is not easy or cheap, especially right after high school when you haven't had a chance to work and save money. If you or your family can pay for it, go to a flight school near you and do it! If you don't have around $70,000 laying around, you could enroll in an aviation degree through an university and get a student loan for that, military, etc. There are some online schools where you take lessons online and then you go to a flight school to learn how to fly. It's like the "lab class" for your high school science class. There are advantages and disadvantages in getting a degree in aviation though, or just about anything in life.
Advantages: the ability to get a student loan with a low interest rate, go to work for a regional airline with as little as 1000 hours of flight time instead of 1500, and if you want to fly for a major airline (United, American, Delta etc), they require a 4 year degree in ANY field of study, so a degree in aviation will give you that.
Disadvantages: You will have to follow their curriculum and do things their way, which might restrict you as to how and when you might want to go about learning to fly. Also, it will limit you in case you lose your job, the industry crashes (COVID 19) and all you know is aviation. What will you do then?
With that said, if you know you want to become a pilot, the best time to start is sooner than later.

Thanks for your answer,and after I want to become a medflight pilot someday Jorden C.

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Austin’s Answer

I found this article online with a lot of good information that should be able to help you. It looks like this is a program through the US Army and will give the chance to fly helicopters if you are selected.


Thanks I will try the link Jorden C.

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Mitchell’s Answer

It depends on what are your goals, for me it worked, I started my aviation career after high school and I luckily found job at an airline 1 year after obtaining my commercial pilot license.
Si I think it’s a good idea!!!

I want to go threw the flight school in the army to get my pilot licence and then after that I want to eventully become a medflight hellicopter pilot. Jorden C.

That’s sounds like an amazing plan Jorden, and I bet it’s going to be a thousand times cheaper rather than go to a regular flight school! Mitchell Torres Beas