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What are the best State Colleges and University's for (Business Management/ Sales Management)?

Updated Bridgeport, Connecticut

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Tracy’s Answer

There are a number of organizations that rate Business Schools. One such report can be found here: https://www.cnbc.com/2018/09/28/the-10-best-business-schools-in-the-world.html. It's great to want to attend a top school. But also remember that the best school for you and your interests may not be on this or any list. Find the school where you will thrive. The one that fits your personality and needs. One way to find this out through visiting schools OR talking to current students. While challenging, college will be one of the best times of your life and you want to be at a place where you can be most successful. I wish you the best success!

Devin’s Answer

Updated Astoria, Oregon

Hey Jessiah,

In my home state of Washington, the Washington State University Carson College of Business has a very strong program with many successful graduates (they are easy to spot on LinkedIn!).

Another thing I very much enjoy about WSU's College of Business is that many of their graduate programs are available online. You can work & receive a Master's at the same time. Go cougs!

Charles’s Answer

Updated Dallas, Texas

If you have an interest in living in Texas, I would recommend Texas A&M or the University of Texas. These are both large public Texas colleges. Both have exceptional business schools. They would provide great after college networking and job help. I hope that helps.

Andres’s Answer

Updated Miami, Florida

The best Colleges or University for Business Management and Sales Management, can be many options, but what I recommend you to do, is not only go to the University, that it is very important, but also, do a real life job. Get a part time job on sales and you will learn things that you will not learn on college or universities.... Real life jobs are a big step for your career