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Eduardo H. Oct 29, 2016 579 views

What has your career done to help change your life for good? For the worse?

This is what I believe is crucial when choosing a career. Doing a job that pays a lot that you hate might not be as good as doing a job you love with lesser pay, and the way your career affects your life is a huge element to your overall drive and mindset. career-choice career-path...

emotional observational interactions public-relations experience decision-making

Trevor P.’s Avatar
Trevor P. Mar 06, 2019 300 views

What is the opportunity for advancement like for a Web Designer

how many types of positions are in this field tech web-design design...


Eldon L.’s Avatar
Eldon L. Mar 09, 2019 327 views

What career paths are there in the tech industry?

The tech industry is ever going day by day. What are the different possible career paths one can follow?...


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Archit D. Apr 22, 2019 1217 views

Want to study Cloud Computing, don't know where to start from?

I want to study Cloud Computing and develop it as a career afterwards, but the main obstacle I come across is from where I should start, I've searched on google and quora but most of the answers are related to data science or AWS. It's very confusing as I cannot understand what I want to do in...

career college aws computing science cloud india technology software datascience google