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What has your career done to help change your life for good? For the worse?

This is what I believe is crucial when choosing a career. Doing a job that pays a lot that you hate might not be as good as doing a job you love with lesser pay, and the way your career affects your life is a huge element to your overall drive and mindset. #career-choice #career-path #experience #public-relations #decision-making #emotional #interactions #observational

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That is such a great question. I wish I had thought to ask that when I was starting out. Through my writing, I've had the opportunity to highlight individuals, charities, etc. that needed attention. When they received in-kind donations or other help as a result of my work, it felt great knowing I gave in some small way. Through my work on the steering committee of an organization that aims to eradicate childhood illiteracy by putting new books into the hands of children in need, I was able to influence how and where we allocated our donations. I could go on forever about this because it means alot to me. Work is work. When your craft, which is a part of what you create, can help others...that's priceless. You are asking all the right questions. Stay aware, take advantage of the experiences of those around you and you'll fly. Good luck! Best, Barb
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I was a teacher as I felt it was the most noble profession. What better way to help make the world a better place than teaching young students about life and the world. I agree with you that money does not being happiness only makes life easier. My life had been exciting seeing the lightning go of in children's eyes, I feel I have made some small, hopefully positive impact on the world, and who knows maybe one of these kids will find cues for diseases, how to solve world problems,etc. Teaching young children had kept me young always being part of a generation of generations younger than me. How had it made my life way really,MN except for the fact that I am frustrated that we don't teach as much history as we once did and many of our young people have no idea of the trials and tribulations people before them went through to get them the opportunities they have and take for civil rights,women's rights, gay rights, voting rights,etc. When you love your career you are sharper more fulfilled person which then helps to make your personal life and personal relationships much more positive. The smile on your face is much better than the frown those unhappy people wear all the time. I love your thinking. Good luck to you

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