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Barb Gam Tagge

Senior Manager, Internal Communications and Change at PwC
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Chicago, Illinois
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olivia’s Avatar
olivia Sep 27, 2019 687 views

Are there any negatives to your as a public relations Specialist job?

#public-relations #communication

Kayla’s Avatar
Kayla Apr 16, 2018 793 views

What major and college would be best for a public relations agent?

I'm a sophomore in high school and am interested in becoming a public relations agent but have no idea what I should major in or what college would be the best choice for it. #public-relations #college-major #college-selection

Carlos’s Avatar
Carlos Apr 10, 2018 825 views

As a public relations major does getting a masters degree make much of a difference?

I have been thinking about applying to grad school for quite some time now but every time I do research there is not much information that suggests having a masters degree will give me much of an advantage over other students
#gradschool #public-relations

Devon’s Avatar
Devon Jan 16, 2018 845 views

What should I expect from a good quality internship?

I have heard from many colleagues pursuing internships that there are good and bad ones. I want to be able to determine what type of internship I should get involved in. I want to get everything that is necessary out of a internship so I can be fully prepared for my desired career path. What...

Yanet’s Avatar
Yanet Dec 01, 2017 777 views

I currently switched my major from Dietetics to Public Relations/Business Administration (minor), I would like to receive some insight on how well the PR career has been for you and if it's a rewarding career - soul fulfilling and money wise?

I recently changed my major to Public Relations and I would like to know more about the career and people who are working in that field. #public-relations #journalism #business-administration #college-major #relationship-management #communications

Christian’s Avatar
Christian Aug 22, 2016 1191 views

How important is knowing sports people, broadcasters and people who are in the field of sports entertainment, to get into the business?

I am studying Broadcast Communication at North Central College in Naperville, IL and I want to know if I should contact broadcasting firms and meet people who are already in the field to get into the business. #communications #sports-management #broadcast-media #public-relations

Tamiya’s Avatar
Tamiya Nov 16, 2017 1050 views

What are some qualities I need as a public relations job?

I feel that public relations is a board major, and it is hard for me to hone my skills when the field varies. #public-Relations #Communications #Communications-skills #community-relations

Eduardo’s Avatar
Eduardo Oct 29, 2016 874 views

What has your career done to help change your life for good? For the worse?

This is what I believe is crucial when choosing a career. Doing a job that pays a lot that you hate might not be as good as doing a job you love with lesser pay, and the way your career affects your life is a huge element to your overall drive and mindset. #career-choice #career-path...

Lydia’s Avatar
Lydia May 18, 2016 1201 views

Is public relations a good major for college? I love people and planning and I feel like it's an all around good thing to study.

All my friends are doing it so I'm conflicted. #general #public-relations #career #college

Abi’s Avatar
Abi May 22, 2016 1011 views

If I want to work at a record company in their PR division, how do I get started?

Thanks for the help #pr #record-labels #record #public-relations #music #performing-arts

Mimi’s Avatar
Mimi Dec 23, 2016 1024 views

What is better networking and getting to meet people in the field or just going back to school and getting more education?

just seeing which way to find a job in my chosen profession #communications #public-relations

isabella’s Avatar
isabella May 15, 2016 4091 views

What is it like having a job within the U.S. military as a public relations person?

I plan on joining the U.S. military, at the moment the U.S. Navy, to serve my country and gain my degree in communications. I plan on working in public relations but I am not sure what the military will expect me to do. Can any offer any advice? #communications #military #communication...

Jordan’s Avatar
Jordan Sep 01, 2017 918 views

What career(s) would be best for someone who is great at speaking in front of crowds?

I want to do something related to business, rather than acting or theater. I am currently captain of my school's improv troupe, but I much prefer hosting the games then playing them. I suppose I want a Public Relations degree so that I can present things to the public, but I am not sure if that...