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Currently, finishing up my undergraduate degree in Public Relations and a minor in Nonprofit Organizational Leadership at the University of Florida. After college, I have high aspirations of attending law school.

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Yanet May 13, 2020 592 views

Currently finishing up my undergrad in Public Relations, and considering applying for law school after college. I am interested in immigration law, and would like to know how rewarding is being an attorney and your experience in law school?

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Yanet Mar 13, 2019 948 views

I would highly appreciate any tips to execute the LSAT and what looks good on a resume for law school.

I am an undergraduate student majoring in Public Relations and minoring in Nonprofit Organizational Leadership with high hopes of becoming a lawyer. Thank you!
#law #lawyer #college #law-school #lsat #criminal-justice

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Yanet Nov 14, 2018 728 views

Hello! I am an undergraduate student majoring in Public Relations and lately law school has been heavily on my mind. I would like to know how the journey of being a law student is, and how many years it took to graduate law school. Any helpful tips and advice are highly appreciated!

# #lawyer #law-school #college #graduate-school #law #criminal-justice #criminal-justice

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Yanet Apr 28, 2018 747 views

I was recently accepted into the University of Florida, I am majoring in Public Relations. I wanted to know if joining clubs or even Greek Life benefited you in the long run with internships and/or even job opportunities?

#public-relations #greek-life #clubs #internships

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Yanet Apr 28, 2018 761 views

I have recently changed my major to Public Relations and begin the program in this upcoming fall. As a transfer student what are some tips you recommend for students entering into the College of Journalism and Communications?

#public-relations #college-transfer #journalism

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Yanet Dec 01, 2017 836 views

I currently switched my major from Dietetics to Public Relations/Business Administration (minor), I would like to receive some insight on how well the PR career has been for you and if it's a rewarding career - soul fulfilling and money wise?

I recently changed my major to Public Relations and I would like to know more about the career and people who are working in that field. #public-relations #journalism #business-administration #college-major #relationship-management #communications

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Yanet Nov 06, 2017 1964 views

I feel like I am stuck in the wrong major and how do I move forward?

I'm currently a sophomore in college pursuing Dietetics. I'm enrolled in Trigonometry, INTRO to chemistry, and I had to withdraw from Precalculus. I absolutely hate chemistry and I am struggling badly in it and in most of the classes that come with the major. Also, part of me chose this career...