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I feel like I am stuck in the wrong major and how do I move forward?


I'm currently a sophomore in college pursuing Dietetics. I'm enrolled in Trigonometry, INTRO to chemistry, and I had to withdraw from Precalculus. I absolutely hate chemistry and I am struggling badly in it and in most of the classes that come with the major. Also, part of me chose this career because I felt like it would please my parents and it would be beneficial. I've always loved public speaking and writing so my alternative major would be Public Relations. I just want some insight on how to move forward with this semester and advice if you were ever stuck in the wrong major. Thanks! #public-relations #college #college-advice

4 answers

Jordan’s Answer

Updated San Jose, California
Hi Yanet! I understand that the pressures of choosing the right career can be tough, especially when you have your parents trying to weigh in heavily on your decision. I was COMPLETELY unsure of my career. I went to a community college after high school because I wanted to give myself the time to 'lock in' a career path. I attended Evergreen Valley College for 4 years, I repeat, 4 YEARS until I decided what I would major in. I flipped my decision way too many times. It started with English, to Journalism, to Marine Biology, EMT track, Pediatrician, Computer Science, etc. (basically you name it, it's probably on my list, lol!) So what did I end up deciding? Before I spill the beans, I should tell you the formula. I felt like I internalized way too much and it was hard for me to make my own decision. I started asking people around me about qualities I had. I heard some good things and some not so good. I asked a friend whom I barely knew at the time about any qualities he could pick out for me. He said, "You are really good at communicating, you are easy to talk to, can do public speaking well, and seem to really love connecting to people." I knew this guy for a couple of months and he already could tell me my best qualities. I aligned it with this idea that I did not want to do something where it was going to be repetitive work, same thing everyday. So what did I end up choosing? *drum roll* Public Relations! I knew that PR was a career that wouldn't be the same day to day things. It involves good writing, good speaking, relationship building and was a career that emphasized meaning and purpose in your work! Once I decided, I transferred to San José State University and studied PR for 2 years. I just graduated this last spring and now I am a Community Manager here at CareerVillage! I was presented with the opportunity to change students' lives, like yourself, and use my skills of communication, relationship building and strategic writing/speaking to speak into many people here. I love it so far. And I do not regret my choice of studying PR. Public Relations is a wonderful field that will present you with many opportunities in different places. If you love to write and speak I think you should go for it! Otherwise I would recommend Journalism, Communications, Mass Communications, or even Advertising as healthy alternatives. I know it is tough right now, but I assure you that you will decide on a career and you will do great in it as long as you choose what you want for you that you are good at! Best of luck! -Jordan

Rachel’s Answer

If you hate it and you're struggling in the major, I think it makes sense to change majors. When I was in undergrad I started out as a double major, and then in my Junior year I dropped one of those majors down to a minor once I realized I truly did not enjoy the classes. It was a big decision and a big change in my life, but I do not regret it one bit. Since you're only in your sophomore year you should have plenty of time to make the switch and graduate on time; maybe you'll have to take summer classes or a heavier course load, maybe not. Also, once you graduate, what your major was doesn't matter as much as people would have you believe while you're in college. Your GPA does. With that in mind, finding a major you can succeed in is important. I have coworkers who weren't accounting majors, but they're still working with me at one of the Big 4 accounting firms. As far as the classes you're in this semester, I don't think there's much you can do other than stick it out one last time. But, you should definitely start planning what major you'd like to switch to and what classes you can take next semester to work toward that major even if you can't technically switch into it yet. You should also meet with your academic advisor about all this, and they should be able to help you plan your class schedules and goals.

Anh’s Answer

Updated Houston, Texas
Hi Yanet, you have already have your own answer in your question! Too much struggling in the majority of major classes maybe a sign that this is not right for you. However, from my personal experience as an Accounting major, there are always a few classes ( for me it is like at least 1/3 of my major classes) that completely make zero sense to me and I just trying to barely pass it. And very similar, only about 1/3 of my major classes are which I really enjoy and found it to be helpful in my life/ career. Since you are only in your second year, chances are you still probably taking all the boring foundation classes. Anyway, choosing major is always difficult. But my advice for you is choose a major that satisfied two criteria: 1/ you are kind of good at it ( you not necessarily love it) and 2/ there would be easily someone hire you for that major. For example, if you love art and drawing kind of, choose to be an architect, rather than studying Art History, because there are more demand for architecture job. You are not necessary love Architecture, but there are many people out there paying for you to do it. I hope everything will look brighter for you!

Hannah’s Answer

Updated McLean, Virginia
Hi Yanet, I was in the same exact situation when I was in college. I started off as a Chemistry major, solely because I took Chemistry in high school and I thought there would be good jobs out there. Granted, there are good jobs out there, but none of those fields were exciting to me! I didn't want to be stuck in a lab or go to pharmacy school. Also, like you, I started struggling with some of my classes during my sophomore year. In particular, Calculus II and III were major issues for me. I was doing so badly in those classes that I felt like I wouldn't be able to succeed in my pursuit of a Chemistry major, so I switched to Accounting. It was a big change, but I think it paid off in the long run. Once I switched, I found that I could do well in Accounting and that I actually enjoyed my classes! My advice to you would be to not be afraid to switch your major. If you're struggling with a few classes, don't give up solely because of that. I got lucky in choosing the right major, but part of me wishes that I had worked harder and tried to fix my grades, even if it meant retaking the classes. I know I'm in Accounting now, but I know that having a strong math background would be so powerful! Even if you do decide to switch to Public Relations, you never know what you could offer to the field with your diverse background - it will definitely be advantageous. After all, as my mom always told me, school is the easiest job you will ever have! So take advantage of your education and try to get the most out of every class that you take. However, don't be afraid of failure. This is the time to make mistakes, so take this opportunity to explore what you truly enjoy doing. It's better to take a few hits now than to realize you need to go back to school later to pursue a different career. I wish you the best in your pursuit of the right major!