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Civic Duty
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Genevieve Mar 02, 2023 399 views

Ways to give back to CareerVillage?

CareerVillage has been a huge blessing in my life, and I would like to give back. Other than answering questions, what opportunities exist for me to accomplish this?

Greg’s Avatar
Greg Jan 30, 2019 576 views

Law School / LSAT

I'm graduating next Dec and have been studying for the LSAT. I've been looking for a group to study with within the Bay Area, and a mentor to just ask questions about law school as a whole. Such as application process, reasonable expectations to acceptance, and a typical class schedule. Its...

Eric’s Avatar
Eric May 21, 2019 1044 views

what is life

What is my purpose and what are humans made for #human-resources

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Jessica Aug 24, 2018 834 views

I want to do a lot in college! Is it possible to enroll myself intramural sports, major in biology/neurosciences, minor in Chinese literature/culture, be part of Greek life and also work/part-time job?

I'm super excited for college, but because of the major I want to pursue, I'm not sure if I'll have enough time to do everything! Is college life mainly studying? I've heard from multiple people that college is going to be the best time of your life, but they also say that high school does...

Diana’s Avatar
Diana Mar 19, 2018 792 views

I am studying abroad this summer in Valencia, Spain and was wondering what are some of the best ways to integrate myself into the culture?

I want to get the most out of studying abroad because it is a once in a lifetime opportunity. However, I am nervous that I am going to be too shy to talk to the people there. #Spain #study-abroad #foreign-languages

Kinzie’s Avatar
Kinzie Mar 21, 2018 743 views

What is the best way to manage college scholarship applications?

Well I'm starting to apply for scholarships for college, and I'm not sure which ones are reliable. #scholarships #college #financial-planning

Amanda’s Avatar
Amanda Mar 20, 2018 1941 views

What if I don't receive any of the scholarships I applied for?

I have applied for over 25 scholarships and I haven't heard back from any of them. I've worked really hard with essays and questionnaires, filling out all my information and I really want to be successful. I hope I got these scholarships for college because I don't want to have to worry about...

Kirstie’s Avatar
Kirstie Mar 19, 2018 855 views

Is there a good way to find scholarships for vocational training and programs?

As a mom who works full time, I am looking for online vocational training/programs that I can do at my own pace. However, since our budget is tight and I will be needing to take a cut in hours, I am needing to find some funding for school. We prefer not to take out any loans as my husband...

Albert’s Avatar
Albert Mar 19, 2018 1676 views

What is the best approach to find low competition scholarships?

I have noticed that there are literally thousands of scholarship programs out there and there are hundreds that most students would be qualified to apply to. However, I, like most people, don’t have the time or the energy to apply towards hundreds of scholarships in a year, so I need advice on...

Britney’s Avatar
Britney Mar 19, 2018 959 views

How do you find scholarships nobody applies for?

The only scholarships I can find are big ones with many people applying. How do I find smaller scholarships I will have a better chance of getting? #scholarships #scholarship #small-scholarships

Melissa’s Avatar
Melissa Mar 18, 2018 980 views

Is there a limit on the amount of scholarship money you can receive?

I am currently a high school senior that is applying for multiple scholarships to pay for any expenses that FAFSA will not cover.
#college #scholarships

Kaylah’s Avatar
Kaylah Mar 03, 2018 824 views

How do you pay for post secondary education?

I am planning on attending veterinary medical school and am interested in knowing how to pay for it.
#medicine #veterinary #scholarships #post-secondary

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NAHOM Jan 22, 2018 661 views

is it ever to late to apply for scholarships . If yes,when is it to late?

Im a sinior at highschool at the brink of graduation and untile recently, I have been increasingly worried about my past decisions to not apply for scholarships erlyer in fear that I may not be able to attend college this fall. #scholarshipfears

Benjamin’s Avatar
Benjamin Jan 22, 2018 769 views

How do I get a scholarships for athletics?

Im good at every sport I play. I played varsity football my first year playing football and got honorable mention. #Athlete

Zoleda’s Avatar
Zoleda Jan 22, 2018 651 views

If I have received my financial aid reward package already, do you recommend still applying for other scholarships?

#financial-aid #scholarships