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what is life

What is my purpose and what are humans made for #human-resources

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Julio’s Answer

Hey Eric, that's quite the question you got there, but I will attempt to answer it in a realistic and grounded fashion.

Life is complex and a rollercoaster that takes you through many up's and down's, these movements help us grow and understand how things work, that's how we evolve both in our lifetime as children learning and becoming adults to us as humans and evolving the human race to become a "better" and more functional species. We live to find happiness and although some of us don't, many of us do and that's the goal you want to set. Whether you're working as a leading doctor, a business manager, or a retail worker- as long as you're happy, you have found your place in the world, and whether you want to keep growing or stay in that safe place is up to you.

YOUR purpose to humanity, to this world, to anyone is irrelevant. YOU don't owe anything to anybody, BUT that does not mean you sit around and live with your parents for the rest of your life. YOU find what makes YOU happy and do it well, but be sure to take into account that other people are going through the motions as well, everyone wants to be the main character, and everyone wants to be happy, so although you don't owe anything to anyone, you will learn over time how when you help others achieve the same dreams you wish to achieve as well, you are rewarded. THAT unselfishness is a common characteristic among "good people".

An example to help you see how life is different to everyone would be to use myself versus a friend of mine. My dream is to work a comfy 9-5 job (something that is becoming much less common among Gen Z) and live a fairly normal lifestyle with many little achievements such as achieving my pilot's license, learning a third language, perfecting my piano playing, and many more; all of which make ME happy and although other people don't see it as a "happy" lifestyle, I love it. Taking a look at my friend, he wants to travel the world, have no strings attached, and be the complete opposite of "just another worker". He has big goals set for himself as he helps people in third world countries build churches and spread the word of his religion. He is doing good work and many people may ask me what I am doing, and although all I actively will do is donate my money to charitable causes, I believe this makes my life complete, although others may not see it that way.

TLDR: Do whatever you want and be happy. Help others achieve happiness. Help the world move forward for the sake of our species and future generations who will also wish to be happy. Just be yourself.

Good Luck and Be Happy Eric!

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Viviana’s Answer

Hi Eric ,

I think Life is a gift and that we are here to discover the beauty in it . Some humans discover them early in life and others take some time , but I do really believe everyone has a purpose in life and sharing it with others is what we are here for .

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G. Mark’s Answer

Life is experience. Consider. There have been experiments that prove that our entire being is involved in making decisions, and that what we perceive as our "mind" or "self" is actually a sort of illusion. I take that as meaning that everything in our body is doing stuff to keep us alive and to make us feel certain ways and our brains are running hundreds of little processes simultaneously that keep our hearts beating and our memories of eating that piece of pizza intact and giving us a pang of anxiety that tells us there's something we forgot to buy at the store.

Another aspect of life is that the world around us is far, far different from what we perceive. Not only is there a lot going on that we just can't and don't notice, but a lot of what we notice just ain't so. We have an "image" of what happened, and experiments have often proved that reality is only approximated in our minds and memories. So most of us agree that "perception" is not the same as "reality". So "life" is what we experience. Nothing less and nothing more. And that is kind of cool.

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Shannon’s Answer

Life is GOOD! Life is whatever you want it to be. Focus on the things you are grateful for!

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Scott’s Answer

We're here to love, give to each other and grow as humans, Enjoy your life, invest in yourself and those around you and most of all Love.

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Jordan’s Answer

Hi Eric,

Thanks for asking this question. It's a fairly BIG one! The beauty of life, I'd say, is understanding your purpose and seeing where your gifts (talents) can help serve this world. Everyone has passions and are gifted to fulfill those passions, you just got to figure out what are yours!

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Robert’s Answer

There is a song that i love that says "the secret of life is enjoying the passage of time". Life is what you make it, in the end. Is the world a better place for you having been in it? Were people's lives impacted in a positive way as a result of your input? Were you a positive person who added to people's experiences, or a negative person who took from those experiences? It is relatively easy, with the right mental care and attitude, to have a very fulfilling life. Get to know yourself. Be a good person and a good friend. Find your passions and engage in them as much as possible. You'll look back one day and hopefully be happy with the outcome.