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How do people advance in the human resource field?

Asked Little Rock, Arkansas

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Kendra’s Answer

Updated Fairfax, Virginia

Hi Kierra,

Human Resources can be a tricky field to get into. One way you can distinguish yourself and advance is to really understand business. Not every HR job is in the "business" world, (you might work in non-profit or government as well) however, if you are seeking a corporate HR role, you have to understand how businesses works and how companies make money. I was a business major in undergrad then worked my way into a Recruiter position before returning to graduate school to study HR formally . I was finding it difficult to get that first HR specific role, and my graduate program really helped. I attended a top HR graduate program and was recruited by a Fortune 500 company to participate in a rotational leadership program for 2 years. Afterwards, I was placed in my first "real" HR job :) This really helped me to advance. Hope this helps!

Jennifer’s Answer

Updated Grapevine, Texas

Hi Kierra,

as in any other field, entry level positions such as HR coordinator are usually the first steps we all took when starting a career on the HR field. Look for internship opportunities online or in Job Fairs held by education entities or Job Sites such as LinkedIn, Monster, Glassdoor,etc.

Once you have your first position, try yourself all the different positions on the Hard and Soft skills available and volunteer for cross-jobs projects. The more diverse experience you have, the more versatile you will be for a future great opportunity! All the best!

Dawn’s Answer


Be open to continual learning. Be open to trying new areas of responsibility even if it takes you outside of your comfort zone. Network, obtain a mentor and volunteer for projects. When they see you as a subject matter expert and willing to raise your hand for things, you can get noticed!