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Viviana Escamilla

Sales Operation Analyst
Computer and Mathematical Occupations - Sales and Related Occupations
Mexico City, Mexico
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Ethan Mar 29, 2018 1147 views

what skills are needed to operate at most workplaces?

I need to know what the typical skills are so I can acquire them before I apply for jobs. #career #jobs #life-skills #soft-skills

Alex’s Avatar
Alex Jun 29, 2022 686 views

What steps do I take after high school to become an engineer?

I am a 15 year old interested in engineering. I am already in a CAD program at my school. The program does offer engineering. I am just wondering what to do after high school.

Katelyn’s Avatar
Katelyn Jun 07, 2021 512 views

Career Goal?

My career goal is to make sure that I am just happy where I am and I am in a stable position. #career

jakyiah’s Avatar
jakyiah Jun 01, 2021 1192 views

Who do you look up to the most , and what qualities do you love about that person?

I am a good person , I am responsible. I communicate with others well. #school #motivation #skills

Darren’s Avatar
Darren Apr 26, 2021 750 views

How can I identify if what really are my weaknesses?

I am afraid of failures. #healthcare #medicine #college-bound

Michael’s Avatar
Michael Sep 28, 2016 1383 views

How do I find my passion in life?

I have been asked this question more than once in my life time. But, I am unsure what my passion is I haven't narrowed it down. I need some advise for a sense of direction. #career-counseling #entrepreneurship #japan #entertainment #sports-media #philanthropist #undecided

Kimberly’s Avatar
Kimberly Jan 20, 2018 763 views

Should I apply for unpaid internships?

I have bills to pay, but internships seem to be the way to get work experience and most of those are unpaid. #starvingstudent #finance #budgeting #workexperience

malebo’s Avatar
malebo Jan 27, 2021 724 views

i just finished high school and i have no idea what do??

I love books that talk about motivation
I love music
I love writing
I like reality tv
I'm very interested in coding, high tech, and also very interested in machine learning, #food data structures, and software engineering #food

Christian’s Avatar
Christian Oct 22, 2015 958 views

if im going to be a good engineer how long should i be in collge

i want to be pepared #degree #skills

Frank’s Avatar
Frank Jan 25, 2021 680 views

Who are the right people to know in the businesses industry

Im a very hard woring guy looking to share my ideas with the world and put my name on the map #business-development #career-counseling #travel #ceo

Cloe’s Avatar
Cloe Jan 26, 2021 872 views

What does a normal schedule look like for you?

I’m doing community service for my high school. I would like to ask some questions and get some responses. #schedule #life

dylan’s Avatar
dylan Jan 25, 2021 540 views

what are good careers straight out of high school.

im a student asking questions for genuine answers for my class#Careers #high-school-students

Sahirah-Mone’s Avatar
Sahirah-Mone Oct 16, 2020 1819 views

Would you rather online or in person school

I would rather online school #online school

Wesley’s Avatar
Wesley Oct 28, 2015 999 views

how hard is beeing an engineer

I want t know how hard being an engineer is
#skills #fun

Jolene’s Avatar
Jolene Jan 22, 2018 795 views

How do you think people's opinions of beauty will change a decade from now?

Just wanted to know as today's society is begging to show appreciation for no makeup but at the same time is infatuated with applying makeup everyday. #empower #confidence #beauty #makeup