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Posted on Jan 23, 2018

I want to be a nurse in Portland working for Providence.

Context: Currently, I am part of the Beaverton Health Careers Program which is for juniors and seniors in high school. They provide me with hands on first aid training, case studies, knowledge of diseases, and clinical rotations at local medical facilities. Most of my interest has developed through this program. Jobs are also a big part of my inspiration to become a nurse. I work as a lifeguard and am required to be prepared for emergencies in the pool. Other jobs include volunteering as a babysitter and in the Providence gift shops.
College: I just recently confirmed my enrollment to University of Portland. I'm really excited as it was my first choice college.
Other Education: I am currently a 12th grader in high school.
Activities: I listed a few of my activities above. I also do ballet four times a week at the Portland Dance Center. I plan on continuing ballet in college as it helps me relax my mind. The atmosphere is fun as I made good friends at the center. Another passion of mine I really want to continue is studying abroad and traveling. I went on an EF tour, educational tour, with my school last summer to Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. It was my first time traveling to Europe, and without my parents. I would do it again as the scenes were amazing and gave me a lesson about a different culture than mine.
Job Experience: I first started as a junior lifeguard in 2012 and became a lifeguard in 2016. As part of my job, I have to keep watch over the pool, maintain the facility, and teach lessons to preschoolers and elementary school students.
Soft Skills: Time management will definitely be a skill for me to have as I have to somehow balance a job, school, and sports (ballet). Communication will also be important as a nurse speaks with patients and doctors everyday.
Hard Skills: Might have to learn Spanish due to the growing population of hispanics in healthcare facilities. I'll also have to think about the MCAT test as it is one of the biggest exams to take to certify me as a nurse.
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