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what skills are needed to operate at most workplaces?

I need to know what the typical skills are so I can acquire them before I apply for jobs. #career #jobs #life-skills #soft-skills

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3 answers

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Jasanpreet Kaur’s Answer

Skills that you need at most workplaces are:

  1. Communication Skills (Basic and utmost important)
  2. Presentation Skills (Basic and utmost important)
  3. Time Management (Basic and utmost important)
  4. Leadership (utmost important and its good if you develop this skill for future)
  5. Adaptability (Basic and utmost important)
  6. Teamwork (utmost important if you have to work in a team)
  7. Decision Making (Basic and utmost important)

Good Luck!

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Michael’s Answer

Hi Ethan,

This is a good question and one that is very important. Given the current state of the Millennial culture, it's important to keep a certain mindset when you seek employment. Companies these days are looking for dedicated employees who have a vested interest in making the company successful. Through this it is necessary to maintain a good attitude, be amenable to a changing culture, be able to work on a team well, provide feedback when appropriate, and honestly just work hard. There will always be some sort of issue at work and it's easy to fall into a hole of complaining about it. If there is an issue, do not complain. Bring the issue up with your supervisor with a solution to fix it. This will be much more appreciated than any sort of subversive conversation.

Set expectations in your mind of the sorts of goals you want to achieve in your profession and work as hard as you can at it.



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Shwetha B’s Answer

Along with technical/job skills like programming and concept knowledge, interpersonal skills (like communication, Listening, problem solving, decision making, team work) are very important that help you interact better with your team. When you practice these skills, you'll be ready to take on any situation with confidence.

While the technical skills help you on-the-job skills and the college provide you with the knowledge you need to perform your tasks, behavior-based skills like communicating effectively help build positive relationships with your coworkers and customers.

What I have learnt and experienced in my career of 5 years is that, you do your best and keep learning from every experience you have. During conflict situations, I try to analyze what went wrong and what I could have done to make it better. My manager was my best confident where I could share my issues and how to overcome the challenges in your life to make it better for you and others. Along the way, I wanted to enjoy what I do with my work.

As IT professionals, we not only communicate with the team members, but we also may interact with the other departments of a company and with people outside the company. From staff meetings to one-on-one calls to conversations with your colleagues, there is always an opportunity to communicate. Ensure that you do it well.
Once you've done your research on the soft skills ensure you put in the work necessary to improve your skills.