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Tina May 07 510 views

How do you find a career than can interest you?

How do you find a career than can interest you?

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Lilly May 07 188 views

How should I decide what career path I want?

I'm in an AVID class (high school freshman) and we do a lot of activities to do with college and career planning, but I don't know what I want to do.

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Beauty May 01 286 views

Wby is choosing a career so hard?

Why is choosing a career so hard as a tewn

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Christina May 01 430 views

How do you know if you picked the right career for yourself?

Question Career Decision

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Brennen May 01 257 views

For a security guard, how is the workplace environment?

I am a JobCorps student and want to know more. Aside from the portion relating to different physical locations that are being guarded, how is the workplace environment?

Brennen’s Avatar
Brennen May 01 166 views

What are some day to day tasks that would be expected of someone within the field of private security?

I'm a Jobcorps student, and I'm interested in getting into the field.

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jeniah Apr 30 174 views

how can I learn a new skill and where do I start ?

I want to learn new things and learn new way to build a resume

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Angelina Feb 04, 2017 9119 views

What will make you stand out at a job interview?

Hey! I was just wondering what could make me stand out a little when I go to a job interview. Would it be something that I would say, something that I would do, or something else? Thank you! #business #medicine #teaching #law #technology #interviews #information-technology #customer-service

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Mireia Jan 25, 2018 13159 views

If you could redo college, what would you do differently?

#college #college-major #college-admissions #college-advice ##college #college-bound #college-recruiting #colleges #university #user-experience #nursing #teaching #education #psychology #computer-science #science #stem #engineering #accounting #business #college-counseling #lawyer...

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Deanicia Oct 28, 2016 8496 views

Should I talk about my failures when being interviewed for a job?

I read an article about how a recruiter who interviews students got an answer of "I expect failure" from one of the students. Then they went and wrote an article on how this answer was amazing. Should I do the same and state some failures like struggles in class or should I keep that to myself....

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sameerah Apr 30 332 views

what does it take to be a child therapist?

I want to be a child therapist, I go to school for education and psychology

Kate’s Avatar
Kate Apr 30 378 views

What are the things I need to do to be prepared for the career I want ?

What are the things I need to do to be prepared for the career I want

jamil’s Avatar
jamil Apr 30 908 views

How long should a person wait before starting their business?

I would say to do it as soon as you get a feel of whatever industry you are thinking of. you need to make some connections first and have the required knowledge before starting your business.

Logan’s Avatar
Logan Apr 29 263 views

Did college help prepare you for your career ?

I'm a student going into college next year with an undecided career, and a criminal Justice major, and I want to know if college helped make a career choice.

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Bernard Apr 29 367 views

What are the step no overcome procrastination?

Procrastination is known for time wastage