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Victory’s Avatar
Victory Feb 04, 2022 309 views

Where would you go to study? Alone or with friends?

I'm planning to study someplace else other than home because there's so many distractions at my house. #studying

Victory’s Avatar
Victory Feb 04, 2022 413 views

Any advice for time management and keeping track of assignments?

I'm an 11th grader who's struggling to manage time. #time-management

Jillian’s Avatar
Jillian Feb 03, 2022 245 views

What is a good way to organize my time when working?

#time-management #education #school

Qianlin’s Avatar
Qianlin Jan 31, 2022 252 views

Is working on jobs related to computer science stressful? Like being a programmer?

#computer-science #technology

Matthew’s Avatar
Matthew Jan 28, 2022 246 views

What qualities do you look for in a friend or coworker?

#social-life #social #work #counseling #college #psychology

Sakshi’s Avatar
Sakshi Jan 30, 2022 218 views

can I start investing with only 100/-

I am in10th standard I am girl #money #finance #art

Selina’s Avatar
Selina Jan 28, 2022 177 views

How do you avoid creative burn out

I like drawing and I have ideas but when I actually get to illustrate them I don't feel like drawing anymore. It's been over a month since I've last enjoyed drawing. This happens year long too, I pump out tons of art when I feel like it and then stop for months. #art

Ashley’s Avatar
Ashley Jan 31, 2022 689 views

What's the best way to become fluent in a foreign language?

I've been studying several East Asian languages and so far, I've tried taking formal classes and online courses, self-teaching through textbooks, and using spaced repetition. I've also heard that immersion is a good way to learn, so I've been trying to implement more of that into my routine as...

Jiale’s Avatar
Jiale Jan 31, 2022 270 views

What do you need to do to be sucessful in your lifetime?

Galileo High school junior #teaching

Jerome’s Avatar
Jerome Jul 09, 2018 729 views

How do I become a freelance graphic designer?

-How to promote my name?

#Art, #Creative Expression, and #Advertisement #graphic-design #freelance

Maha’s Avatar
Maha Jan 24, 2022 415 views

How to become a graphic designer?

I'm Maha. I'm a 1st year student. Studying in Dr.MGR Janaki college of arts and science for women. course- general #interestedingraphicdesigning

Canming’s Avatar
Canming Jan 24, 2022 368 views

How can I manage my time better once I get a career?

#time-management #school #career #student

kkrishnaprasad’s Avatar
kkrishnaprasad Jan 01, 2021 407 views

is computer coding is rare job

i am in 9th standard my subjects are maths science english
#careers #jobs

Camren-Naya’s Avatar
Camren-Naya Jan 04, 2022 259 views

What is the best way to do the job correctly

#job-search #criminaljustice

Deandre’s Avatar
Deandre Jun 02, 2021 259 views

Is walking on better then Getting college offers?

#life #walkon