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C L. Oct 15, 2017 593 views

What can you do with you Psychology BA degree?

I know i'm not the only one feeling this way, but as I'm graduating soon (next year), I'm a bit nervous and I wonder what are the options out there for psychology major students? I don't want to jump into grad school right away since I haven't figured out which field I really want to invest...

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Aaron D. Aug 12, 2016 865 views

Do I choose a career that would certainly provide an acceptable income or a career that I love but may not go well?

It been 3 years since I left my island and moved to US to have more opportunity. I love filmmaking, special effect since I was a kid and I would like to have a career in filmmaking. The reason I ask this question is because I want to know if doing a job I love is more important than the risk of...

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