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Do I choose a career that would certainly provide an acceptable income or a career that I love but may not go well?

It been 3 years since I left my island and moved to US to have more opportunity. I love filmmaking, special effect since I was a kid and I would like to have a career in filmmaking. The reason I ask this question is because I want to know if doing a job I love is more important than the risk of this career choice. business career-counseling career-choice life-coach life-coaching film-making

Hi Aaron! I'm a sophomore in college, and I am doing what I love, and I am enjoying it very much. I love what I do, so I am constantly trying to improve myself and become better. I have friends who aren't doing what they love because they are only concerned about the salary of their future job, but they seemed unmotivated to work and often times they seem unhappy. I highly suggest you to do something you love; you will love what you do, and when people see the passion you put into your work, they will definitely be more likely to hire you. Hope this helps! Albert P.

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4 answers

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Archana’s Answer


One should certainly do what they love to do, this increases their chances to succeed. Today's times is full of opportunities in all possible fields that you can think of making a career in.

Some film schools stress the ‘Hollywood Collaborative' method of filmmaking. The creative process is divided among many people. Other schools stress a more individual fine arts approach, in which a single filmmaker has control over all the creative aspects of the process."

"There are an increasing number of film and video course offerings available in middle and high school programs that, in some cases, are quite sophisticated. Specialized high schools for the arts attract many students to their programs that, in content and quality, prove to be excellent prerequisites to many programs offered at the post-secondary level."

"Most people think of feature films and television when they think of filmmaking. However, employment opportunities also exist in corporate informational and training videos, webvideos, video games, and commercials. A very important career opportunity in this field is teaching. It is imperative the industry prepare qualified teachers who are abreast of the ever changing technology and the impact it has on our individual lives."

"Introduction of low cost equipment has opened up new creative possibilities along with enhanced career opportunities. The mystique of this particular field lies in the unlimited possibilities of new career directions in related areas. Discovering and/or developing ‘off-shoot' careers is a continuing phenomenon in the filmmaking business."

"Many successful filmmakers may not have initially become involved in filmmaking or even perceived themselves as potential filmmakers. Others were focused from the very beginning and recognized, early on, their passion for this form of creativity. It can be motivated through a childhood experience with a camera or through child's play that opens the door to discovery. No matter how it happens, when it happens, you know. You may not be able to articulate what you feel but you know that filmmaking is what you must do to be completely satisfied."

"A committed filmmaker studies all aspects of film including the history of film. Knowledge of the basics of filmmaking….then, and now, is mandatory. Understanding the equipment and how to use it as a tool for helping you create, is an integral part of your education. Knowing the nuances of lighting, movement, set design, language, pace, communication, costume, and the respective history of each is part of the foundation on which you will continue to build."

"Communication is crucial. Your work must not only reach the depth and breadth of your audience, but they must internalize it, feel it, and react to it. The filmmaker must understand the psychology of his/her audience. The filmmaker must provoke emotion and stimulate thought. The filmmaker must be able to communicate on all levels."

Hope all these details help you decide, what you really want to do.

All the best, do well.

All the above information and more is available on; might help you.

Archana Jain

Hi there Archana! Could you please include a source on this info? Either a link to the website you got this from or a brief explanation of how you learned this information. Citing a source will help Aaron and others reading your answer investigate further into the topic of love of career vs. financial compensation. Please edit your post and provide the source of your valuable info! On behalf of the young people benefiting from your answer and the entire CareerVillage community thank you for answering Aaron's question! David Ohta COACH

thanks a lot Aaron D.

David, updated the answer with source link - Archana Jain

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Daisy’s Answer

Hi Aaron, you should do what you love as long as it provides an acceptable income. If filmmaking is something you love, you should definitely do it. Because you will perform better and excel if the job is something you love.
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Sunderajan’s Answer

In reality, most of us are forced to pursue a career which would provide a decent income to take care of our own & family needs. One would be really luck and very successful to be able to pursue their passion as profession and also earn enough out of it - e.g - sportsmen, musicians etc.
For the common people who would not be able to achieve that, we could always pursue our passion as interests or hobbies outside our regular career and try to switch to it at the right time - so we can pursue both. It need not be one at the cost of the other - but pursuing both with right balance to be happy and self content in life.
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Alison’s Answer

The best job is to find the nexus between what you like to do, what you are good at and what someone will pay you for. Find that nexus, and your life will be great!