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Would my activities in my life interfere with my job?

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4 answers

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Jasanpreet Kaur’s Answer

"Planning is all that is needed in every step of life. If you plan well in advance nothing can beat you."

Thus, if you will plan and make a schedule how you want to allocate the time, everything will go smooth.

For example, once you are free from your work, plan to devote one hour each in the activities you love to do. Schedule them. Time allocation is very necessary to be happy and successful.

Important thing to remember is: Stay stick to your schedule.

By the end of the day, you will have satisfaction on your face.

Good Luck!

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Andrea’s Answer

That's a great question. I am someone that is very socially active in things that are important to me. Some of them are work related. But you can find a balance, it just depends on what your work schedule is going to be. If that happens then try to move your activities around so that it does not impact your job. If you can't then try to get a new work schedule. In either event, there may be the opportunity to demonstrate some flexibility with your activities and your work schedule.

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Jasmine’s Answer

With any career path it’s important to have an appropriate work-life balance and with both its important to prioritize what’s most important because that will likely take up majority of your time.

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Bill’s Answer

This is a great questions, especially considering so many people are working from home during the pandemic. The key to success is going to be setting aside blocks of time focused on work & personal life. While working at home, it's easy to get in early, stay late and pop in and do some where from time to time. However, that's a quick way to burn yourself out and not allow for proper down time. While you need to get your work items completed, do so in a timely manner and focus on that work. BUT, set STOP times as to when you are going to be away from your desk and focus on personal items. These are just as important as work if not more as without the time away, you are going to burn out and not be productive at your job. If you employer expects you to be on 24/7 or something like that, maybe it's not the right employer and you need to place some focus on re-evaluating your employer and find a new role.

Work-Life Balance is extremely important to mental freshness.

Good luck and hope this helps.