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Career Questions tagged Momlife

Sarah’s Avatar
Sarah May 13, 2018 679 views

How can I better manage my time?

I am a full time mom, full time x-ray technologist and a full time student. What is a good way to manage my time so that I can give diligent attention to all my responsibilities? #time-management #momlife #healthcare #bachelorsdegree #Ialsoneedgymtime

Kirstie’s Avatar
Kirstie Mar 19, 2018 663 views

Is there a good way to find scholarships for vocational training and programs?

As a mom who works full time, I am looking for online vocational training/programs that I can do at my own pace. However, since our budget is tight and I will be needing to take a cut in hours, I am needing to find some funding for school. We prefer not to take out any loans as my husband...

Kirstie’s Avatar
Kirstie Mar 19, 2018 438 views

What are the best online schools or programs for medical billing/coding?

I am a mom of two little ones who also works full time until August. I am needing a program that I can do self-paced and is affordable. This will be a career change for me, but hopefully, it will allow me to be at home more while still being able to support my family. #medicine-billing...

Chastity’s Avatar
Chastity Jan 17, 2018 688 views

What study tips do you have for a busy person?

Need Some Study Tips Busy Life
#momlife #personal-development #organization-management #studying-tips