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What are the best online schools or programs for medical billing/coding?

I am a mom of two little ones who also works full time until August. I am needing a program that I can do self-paced and is affordable. This will be a career change for me, but hopefully, it will allow me to be at home more while still being able to support my family. #medicine-billing #medicine #momlife #medicine-education #career

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2 answers

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Raashid’s Answer

The Best Online Medical Billing and Coding Programs
Rank School Location
1 Keiser University - Ft Lauderdale Fort Lauderdale, FL
2 Southwest Wisconsin Technical College Fennimore, WI
3 Pennsylvania Institute of Technology Media, PA
4 Minnesota State Community and Technical College Fergus Falls, MN

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Mohammad’s Answer

There are currently no schools offered any medical coding/billing program online in chicago.