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What's the hardest part about being any type of doctor?

I would wanna know the ups and downs of being a doctor. #medicine #doctor #eye-doctor ##doctor #medicine-education

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3 answers

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Ajay’s Answer

UP: making a positive contribution to society, a positive impact on patients, empowering patients and learning from them at the same time

DOWN: long hours, bureacracy, watching patients suffer/die, feeling powerless

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Claudia’s Answer

Hi Vanessa:
Based in my friend's Doctors experience the most harder part of their jobs are. Let the patient go, when there is nothing else to do for he/she, when you did 100% of you to save her/his live but unfortunately the person die . The feeling can destroy you OR make you stronger you decide that in you career as a doctor.
Great pay and unconditionally love from people you save every day

Good Luck!

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Richard’s Answer

Being a physician can be stressful, especially when the patients have an incurable illness. After years of education and training the feeling of helplessness can be devastating.