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jessie’s Avatar
jessie Jan 23, 2018 855 views

what school do you need to go to know what game designer

I would like to know which one is a good school to go to #game-development

Sarah’s Avatar
Sarah Jan 03, 2018 660 views

Which college would be good to go to if I want to be a teacher?

I'm asking because I want to be a teacher #teacher #college #education

Alyssa’s Avatar
Alyssa Jan 24, 2018 686 views

What academic benefits do scholar athletes receive ?

I am looking into the recruitment process and want to know more about the things offered under this status. #scholar-athletes #sports #collegiate-athlete

saritha’s Avatar
saritha May 05, 2016 1366 views

How do I become an actor?

Hi! I am Saritha from ghs j b nagar bengaluru in India. What classes should I take in school to become an actor? #actor #theater #actors #career #career-counseling #education #college

Allie’s Avatar
Allie Apr 04, 2018 742 views

If you are a PA why wouldnt you just become a doctor?

#medical-education #physician-assistant #doctor

Eshwari ’s Avatar
Eshwari May 09, 2016 1091 views

What courses should I take to join the army in India?

I am choosing between arts, commerce and science but am not sure what would help me join the army. #educator #general #army #college #career #government

Kirstie’s Avatar
Kirstie Mar 19, 2018 660 views

What are the best online schools or programs for medical billing/coding?

I am a mom of two little ones who also works full time until August. I am needing a program that I can do self-paced and is affordable. This will be a career change for me, but hopefully, it will allow me to be at home more while still being able to support my family. #medicine-billing...

GABRIELLE Apr 29, 2018 645 views

What college degree or career path do I need to take to become computer animator?

This is my ultimate career goal but I not sure of the best school path to follow. I want to have a professional certification so that it will be recognized by any potential employer. I want to fulfill this goal by going to a four year college. #computer-animation

Jacob’s Avatar
Jacob Jan 16, 2018 588 views

Are there lucrative job opportunities for students with a PH.D in Exercise Physiology?

I am interesting in following this career path, but have heard that it is tough to find a high paying job with this degree. Is it worth my time to strive towards getting a PH.D in this field? Or should I explore other options? #psychology #exercise-psychology #sports-psychology

Evelyn’s Avatar
Evelyn Jan 16, 2018 728 views

What more is to becoming a Philosophy Professor for a University?

I was wondering what other things beside teaching maybe expected from a Philosophy Professor at a University. #philosophy #professor #higher-education #instructor #college

Ashley’s Avatar
Ashley May 22, 2018 876 views

What is the most interesting field in early childhood education?

I want to major in early childhood education and I was wondering what the most interesting thing to do is in this field? #college #major #majors #field #education

Charles’s Avatar
Charles Mar 27, 2018 937 views

What is the best career in music education other than being a band director?

I love the band activity as a whole, but I am also aware that being a music educator doesn't provide a stable financial ground for a family. I want to know if there is a career in teaching younger people how to tap into their musical abilities other than being a band director. #music...

Rachel’s Avatar
Rachel Jan 16, 2018 574 views

What should I be doing right now in order to ensure I get a job when I graduate?

I'm an education major and I'm not sure what to do! #education

Tariyaha’s Avatar
Tariyaha Aug 31, 2017 753 views

If their was one thing that you could change about your career what would it be?

I want to become an elementary teacher. What is the best way to get there? I know that there are 2 year and 4-year education degrees. I have a passion for teaching and I love to teach young people what they need to know while they are young and I want to prepare them for their success. What...

Desiree’s Avatar
Desiree Sep 01, 2017 818 views

Do you have to teach a subject a specific way or are you allowed to change it?

I've heard that administrations and school boards choose the way you teach a specific topic and I was wondering if there was any room to be more creative with the kids. For example, there are different ways to teach math, but I heard that sometimes you are required to teach it a certain way....