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What courses should I take to join the army in India?

Updated Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

I am choosing between arts, commerce and science but am not sure what would help me join the army. #educator #general #army #college #career #government

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Col Sen’s Answer

Updated New Delhi, Delhi, India

Dear Eshwari,

Jai Hind! I am delighted to see your question. To join Indian defense services ( Army, Navy and Air Force) as a women, minimum qualification is graduation in any stream but allotment of services stream will depend upon your subjects viz. Science/Arts or Commerce. If you are science graduate (PCM) then you have all the avenues open from flying to engineering branches and with arts you would be considered for logistics and education branches. Since at this moment women candidates are not taken for fighting arms like infantry (foot soldiering), artillery (gunnery) etc, which accepts arts candidates as well, you will be given the choice to join logistics.

Coming back to ideal choice for study : PCM at 12th standard for joining any branch after graduation in science or engineering in army. But remember after engineering your choices become fixed/limited : like Civil Engineer goes to Corps of Engineers, Mech/Electrical/Electronics people join EME and Electronics/Computer Science join SIGNALS. However, there are very few electronics engineers are given EME as well.

Simply B.Sc degree is good for all the services as you have wider choices including flying branches in air force and executive branches in Navy.

Should you wish to be doctor in Army join AFMC or other Medical colleges within the army after +2 std with PCB/PCMB. Also you can join after your MBBS from civilian medical colleges. You can join as Nursing officer as well for which similar tests happen.

For Air Force or Navy: similar kind of allotment of arms/services happen based on your educational background.

After your basic process of application, you have to pass SSB (Services Selection Board) which is a very stringent 5 days test (compulsory for all except for medical services). It is a proven method of testing of one's psyche as well as leadership and other qualities which are essential for defence forces and takes into account for every unique personality. Generally in a batch of say a 300 persons report for the first day and mostly 40-60 of them are screened out. And finally 5-8 of them are recommended to be part of the merit list. It's not necessary to fill up the vacancies with anybody and everybody, until and unless you pass SSB and Medical Test, you can't make it for officer's cadre in Indian Army! But don't be unduly worried on this account, if you are medically fit and mentally sound, with die hard positive attitude you will make it. You can get enough material to read about SSB on the net.

I can go on and on but it is better if you refer to the links given below. All the Very Best! Jai Hind!

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